Restorative Yoni Egg Yoga Workshop

calm your nervous system, and awaken the energy lines from your vaginal passage to your cervix, your heart and your brain with this guided 90 minute class.


Restorative Yoni Egg Yoga for Sexual Alchemy

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What is a 'yoni' and where is the word from?

The word 'yoni' comes from India. It's a Sanskrit word that means 'source' and describes a woman's sexual AND reproductive organs. Unlike in the west where a woman's sexual organs are considered seperate from her reproductive body.

Whether you are using a yoni egg within your body or not, the benefits of focussed attention on your yoni and womb space are deeply healing and profound.

The yoni is considered to be a sign of generative and creative power and that symbolises the goddess Shakti, from whom the entire universe has been emerged.

What are the benefits of yoni egg yoga?

Yoga means 'to yolk' or to make whole.

The practice of yoga then is, among a myriad of other health benefits, to unite the practitioner with the dormant parts of herself and thereby reconnecting her with the source of all things.

Connecting with your yoni and awakening Her regenerative power is not only your birthright as a woman but a source of immense creative energy. As you commence with your practice you will also be developing a deeper relationship with your body and enlivening sensitivity within your vagina.

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What other benefits can I expect from my yoni egg yoga practice?

What do I need for this class?

I always recommend my students to create a nest for themselves when practicing any restorative yoga. Think of the space you create for yourself like a cocoon with soft blankets and pillows. Below are some suggestions;  

  1. yoga mat or a folded blanket to lay upon
  2. 2 x pillows an extra blanket for warmth
  3. a candle or soft lighting
  4. a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed during class
  5. your computer to watch the class and iPhone to play the music
  6. a speaker to play the playlist I made for the class (my little gift for you)
  7. a yoni egg (optional)

Where do you get a yoni egg from?

 I only use the crystal yoni eggs from the Yoni Pleasure Palace (YPP) as I love the integrity of the gemstones available from their site. If you don’t have a yoni egg and would like to invest in one, you can purchase one HERE. Please accept my offer a 10% savings when you use the discount code CLAUDIALOVE at check out.

PS, check out my favourite conscious sex toys from YPP HERE.

My favourite stone for this practice is a Nephrite Jade yoni egg. Nephrite Jade is renowned for its incredible healing properties in particular for adrenal support. A medium sized egg is a good all rounder size for most people.


Restorative Yoni Egg Yoga for Sexual Alchemy

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