It's time to remember how powerful you are.

Midlife and menopause can bring incredible opportunities for reshaping your future, let me show you how.

Lifestyle Coaching

Gain powerful, integrated clarity for your life and focus your attention on recreating the woman you know you were destined to become.

This means taking radical responsibility of your life, especially with your relationship to ageing. 

When you take full responsibility of your life, you intentionally move from feeling powerless to being empowered  to step into the potent energy of a creator; fully present, embodied and confident in yourself.

It means learning how to forgive and accept yourself and give yourself full permission to recreate a life of your own design.


Public Speaking

Claudia Scalisi is a creative thought leader who teaches evidence based practices combined with her visionary strengths to support her clients re-imagine a new future for themselves.

She is also an accomplished entrepreneur, women’s wellbeing guide and the visionary founder of the Conscious Menopause Academy.  

A captivating and insightful speaker, Claudia beings her wealth of knowledge to the stage captivating audiences with her inspired insights into the landscape of Rites of Passage, particularly through menopause.  

Her thought-provoking presentations explore the convergence of soulful integration, practical wellbeing and self-care principles with the art of crafting seamless attendee journeys, inspiring women to reimagine the possibilities available through midlife and beyond. 

With a proven track record of sacred space holding, a passion for enhancing live experiences and a gift for articulating ideas in an accessible manner, Claudia Scalisi is an influential voice in women’s wellbeing, creating an indelible mark on the way we consciously participate in the journey through womanhood. 


Claudia is a dedicated guide to the new generation of (peri)menopausal women on a journey to reclaim their vitality, passion and purpose during this powerful phase of life.

As an experienced adult educator, Claudia skilfully fuses her rich history of embodiment practices that nourish mind, body, soul connection with her training in the creative arts to offer a unique blend of holistic approaches to feminine centred coaching – specifically for midlife women.

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BEYOND HOT FLUSHES, navigating the power surges of menopause.

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