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About Claudia


and uses it to peel off layers of cultural conditioning that’s kept her from fully expressing herself and receiving the love she deserves.

Imagine the freedom you would feel when you let go of trying so hard to be who everyone else wants you to be, when you let go of stigma, shame and guilt for putting your needs first…

Imagine what it would feel like to completely trust your body’s intelligence and live with deep inner authority knowing the value you bring to your relationships. 

You feel safe within yourself because you are no longer abandoning yourself!

You’ve learnt how to reach back into the places in your past that have kept you silent, kept you playing small and reclaimed the power you gave away.

You live your life feeling full and overflowing with your own essence, your personal feminine + masculine energies integrated.

You are deeply connected to your own sexual energy and intentionally tune into the frequency of creation as you move in the world infused with emotional guidance, sharp intuition and a brilliant mind.

You are well rested, nourished and rejuvenated, consciously choosing who you give your time, energy and attention to and you always pour from your already full cup.

You confidently use your voice to say the words that need to be said and you share your wisdom with unshakeable confidence.


Women like you disrupt the status quo about what it means to be a woman with real value as you are not afraid of your own journey through womanhood.

Instead, you claim it as a Sacred Rite of Passage into the modern, embodied feminine centred eldership our world is craving for.

Leading by example, you role model how to be in right relationship with yourself and with others to the next generation of leaders, the young women and girls who are looking to you for guidance.

With a lifetime exploring embodiment practices, ritual, prayer and energy alignment, Claudia is a powerhouse of gentleness and fierce compassion.
She is a stand for women to empower themselves with self-actualising wellbeing practices, owning the wisdom of their lived experience and bringing their true life’s mission into fruition with the power of their unique self expression.

"A woman deeply connected to herself, her sacred sex energy and her creativity is a powerful force in our world" - Claudia Scalisi