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Gain powerful and integrated clarity in your life and focus your attention on recreating the woman you know you were destined to become.

Claudia specialises in Wellness Lifestyle Coaching

for women who are ready to become more expansive, grounded and comfortable within their own skin.

With a lifetime of study in embodiment practices, including self-awareness + self-care practices, crystal energy, essential oils, yoga, meditation and prayer, Claudia uses her deep understanding of energy alignment in combination with these practices to support women gaining clarity and awareness of areas in their life where they are leaking vital life-force. 

Once understood, women can begin to seal any cracks and conserve their energy, heal their relationship with themselves and recover their true heart’s mission. This is the real essence of Claudia’s work; to empower women to develop emotional wellbeing and nurture her body’s cellular intelligence.

Throughout her career as a yoga teacher, mentor and guide, Claudia recognised that when we fail to pay attention to the subtle needs of our body, no amount of external searching can help create the inner peace and contentment we crave. 

She now translates this sensitivity to support women to reclaim ownership of their body, their lives and recover their sense of purpose in the world. 

Her coaching aims to empower, enrich and strengthen your relationship with yourself first so you can recreate your life with clarity, confidence and flow.

How It Works

Claudia’s coaching always begins and ends with you!

When you establish a deep understanding of yourself, your emotional, physical, spiritual and sexual self, you reclaim your life’s sovereignty. This means complete ownership of your relationship with your life. 

Ownership is not something that is given to you, it is something that we must take for ourselves. 

When you take ownership of your life, you consciously move from being a victim to your life’s experience and step into the powerful energy of a creator; fully present, capable and confident in yourself. It means learning how to forgive and accept yourself and your past and give yourself full permission to recreate your life journey onwards.

Claudia walks her talk. She represents of how the feminine energies of humility and grace can re-empower a woman to consciously let go of limiting beliefs and out dated ideals to live her highest vision for herself.
Newcastle, NSW

Claudia’s coaching techniques are derived from her own life experience and her training in meditation, hatha yoga, sacred self-care practices, intuitive healing, plant-based energy, relationships and sexuality.

Some of the techniques you can expect Claudia to use in her sessions include:

To support you on your journey, there are 2 Wellness Coaching Packages available.

Package 1

Pricing is AUD. 3% payment processing fee additional.

1:1 Wellness Lifestyle Coaching Session

This coaching is perfect for the woman who is wanting to discuss a specific area of her life to focus on, gain a different perspective on how she could reinvigorate her self-care techniques or would like to better understand how to align with her goals.


Some of the benefits a typical 1:1 Wellness Lifestyle Coaching session with Claudia may include:

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Pricing is AUD. 3% payment processing fee additional.

Package 2

Pricing is AUD. 3% payment processing fee additional.

Tailored 90-Day Wellness Lifestyle Plan

This plan gives you a documented map towards your top 3 wellness goals. This is perfect for the woman who needs some extra support in her life to gain clarity on where and how she is leaking energy, gain tools to recalibrate her nervous system, establish a daily, non-negotiable self-care routine and gain the momentum she needs to create positive change for her to grow.


Some of the benefits a typical Lifestyle Plan package with Claudia may include:

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Pricing is AUD. 3% payment processing fee additional.

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