Wellbeing at Work

Tailored wellbeing programs to help your team grow from good to great!

Corporate wellbeing programs have the potential to boost an organisations productivity while cultivating a culture that values the health of their staff.

By providing opportunities for staff to learn stress management techniques, engage in gentle physical movement and become flexible in body and mind, modern workplaces set the precedence for successful intergenerational working environments.

“Resilient people achieve success with the support of a workplace that focuses on wellbeing and empowerment.”

- Claudia Scalisi

Benefits of Wellbeing at Work Programs.


We offer 6-week programs catering to the needs of your team in Gentle Yoga and Meditation.

Menopause Awareness Lunch + Learn Sessions.

Menopause Informed yoga programs specifically aimed at cultivating inclusivity and fostering community.

Mindfulness Mentoring, Stress Reduction Techniques and more!

One of our instructors will come to your office with everything you need to get started.

Our tailored programs focus on alleviate symptoms that occur from sitting and encourage mental clarity, expect your staff to feel refreshed and ready elevated with a stronger sense of purpose and unity.

International Best Selling Author, Public Speaker and Menopause Mindset Mentor, Claudia Scalisi specialises in supporting women surrendering limiting beliefs about ageing and stepping confidently into the world grounded with their power as modern elders.

With a lifetime exploring embodiment practices and as a sacred space holder in women’s speaking circles, Claudia combines her deep understanding of energy alignment in support of women reclaiming the wisdom inherent within their bodies. 

When this happens, women feel safe to fully express their ideas, have their needs and actualise their heartfelt desires. 

Claudia is a stand for women learning how to take ownership of their (peri)menopause transition and increase their self-confidence so they can create a future with unabashed self-expression and joy.

The real essence of Claudia’s work is to empower communities in developing deep emotional wellbeing, nurture each others unique intelligence and use the power of their voices to create epic change in our world.