Shedding inauthenticity to become uniquely you

2021 was the year I cracked open wide and became intimately familiar with my vulnerability.

Layers of cultural conditioning were being analysed for validity as I was face to face with my own subconscious beliefs about what it meant to be a ‘good woman’.

My whole identity was being challenged.

None of what was happening to me during that time made sense to me;

Who was I in society as a woman going through early onset menopause?

Was I a bad woman for putting my career first that I missed the opportunity to become a mother?

What was to become of me now that the business I’d created was no longer inspiring to me? 

Who’s permission did I need to recreate a truer version of myself?


My Divine Sexual Awaken by Claudia Scalisi.

If I told you that the only thing holding you back from truly expressing your raw, untamed energy is your conditional mindset…

Would you believe me?

That you are definitely NOT too old to transform and that your best work is not behind you, would you believe me?

Sweet sisters! – thank you for journeying with me  – I’m so pleased to share this body of work with you!

This chapter has been shared to invite you on a journey of self-reclamation THROUGH your Sacred Sexual energy and the power of Sex Transmutation.

Did you know that the work of excavating your deepest shadows and learning how to integrate it’s wisdom is how you turn your pain into your power?

When you journey with me through the powerful initiation that is THE RECLAMATION you will learn how to turn your pain into your most powerful ally.

Women just like you and me have been made to believe that some of our best days are behind us.

That women of our age / culture / experience should look and act a certain way to be accepted.

But, there has never been a more prominent time in history for fully embodied, LIT UP feminine leaders.

Women who are completely trusting in themselves and activating epic change in our world.

Again, thank you for putting your needs first – we need that special wisdom that only you can bring into the world.

Remain curious about your own potential.

With so much love, Claudia

If you’d have asked me 12 months ago if I thought I’d be calling myself an INTERNATIONAL BEST SELLING AUTHOR – I’d have thought you were crazy…

Prior to agreeing to contribute a chapter for the multi-author book Unapologetic, my writing was for my eyes only.

Journaling, poetry and word-smithing were all part of my tool kit to help me process the intense emotions of my life’s experiences.

The words in my journals held secrets I hadn’t dared tell anyone for fear of ridicule, rejection or alienation.

Publishing a work was just a quiet dream of mine…

But in reclaiming my life’s trajectory and be in the FULL receivership of

ALL of my pleasure

ALL of my joy

ALL of my skills, gifts and talents,

I allowed myself to be both healer and the one being healed.

I allowed myself to let the stories I’d been stuffing down to be released from my body and I gave permission for the wisdom those stories taught me to become another woman’s medicine too.

Then just like that, a quiet life-long dream of mine was realised – I became a published author.

Thank you to everyone in my community who has supported this to transpire – Unapologetic’s success has been phenomenal!

We hit No1 International Best Seller in:

  • 15 different categories in Australia
  • 2 different categories in the UK
  • and we also reached a No 1 Seller in the USA too!


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Shedding inauthenticity to become uniquely you

There is nothing quite like a woman who embraces her power and embodies her uniqueness – unapologetically.