What if I told you...

everything you needed to recreate yourself during this potent time in your journey and live with deep joy, passion and unashamed intimacy was already inside you.

If I told you that the only thing holding you back from truly claiming your raw, untamed energy and harnessing your power is your conditional mindset… That you are definitely NOT too old to change and that your best years are not behind you…

Would you believe me?

The truth is that every single life transition you’ve survived is RIPE with potent wisdom. 

Your decision to consciously journey with your body through your menopause transition is exactly how you take your power back and sets up the future you with a solid place to grow from. 

The truth is that claiming all of lived experiences and rewiring your relationship to them transforms you into the dynamic, sensual and magnetic Queen who is here to catalyse epic changes in our world.

Because there has never been a more pivotal time in history for LIT UP feminine leaders. 

Leaders who are completely trusting in themselves, their body’s wisdom and becoming the embodied, modern elders our planet is hungry for.

You've worked hard for recognition in the past

 and you’re being told to tone it down now.

You’ve been made to believe that you want too much and that you should feel satisfied with what you have.

You’ve been putting the needs of others and your work before your own for so long that you don’t even know what your body needs to feel sensual and alive again.

You sure as hell know that your current reality is NOT how you want your story to end but your limitations are blocking you from seeing a different future.

Women just like you and me have been made to believe that some of our best days are behind us. That women of our age / culture / experience should look and act a certain way to be accepted.


You know within your bones there is more fire within your Spirit and it hasn’t finished expressing itself yet.

You are here because you no longer want to live in the shadow of your former glory or numb yourself from feeling the depth of your wild heart.

You are here because you want to trust your intuition again, make bolder contributions to life and feel excited by your purpose.

You are here because you want to elevate your work, call in higher-calibre, soul-matched networks where you are all transformed from your time together.

Deep within, you know that you are a raging tornado of powerful energy.

You know there is nothing ‘wrong’ with you not fitting into the boxes society has told you to squeeze into.

Every fibre is yearning to be seen, to be touched, to experience sensation and to fully express itself.

Your inner work directly affects your outer success, particularly when you activate your powerful sex energy residing in your Sacral Charka.

When your sacred sex energy is activated it has a massive impact on the way you can manifest money, clients, abundance and opportunities towards you. 

Sister, the time is now.

To shake off the outdated versions of yourself.

To shake off the shame and guilt of being seen, for expressing yourself and for asking for what you want.

To unapologetically tap into the current of creative sexual energy pulsing through you and consciously create a life of your own design from this potent place.

Introducing: The Reclamation

The Reclamation is a 12-week initiation for midlife women to learn the art and soul of feminine embodiment and claim your sacred power of self-transformation.

You were born to create, and honey, your life is your greatest work of art!

The Reclamation is different from anything else available for midlife women.

Not only does this process teach you how to receive more, it guides you through potent embodiment techniques to deeply connect you with your raw, unconditional essence.

The Reclamation is a self-leadership process that primes your body’s energetics to support your WHOLE integration.

This unique approach to embodiment ensures you have the lived experience to continue your important work of Becoming  long after our container has closed.

This initiation is for you if you're ready to...

The Journey





Imagine that this is the moment where your whole life turns around.

Because this is not ‘a course’ where you forget the lessons once the program is over – your value in this world is far too important for that!

In The Reclamation you will gain valuable life transforming tools to support you walking in the world with your crown placed firmly upon your head as a sovereign Queen – whole and complete unto herself.

The Reclamation gives you:


No one can give your power back to you – this is something you must claim for yourself.



An abundance of resources including meditations, prompts, playlists, a selection of book names from my personal library & more.


Join The Reclamation

Pricing is AUD. 3% payment processing fee additional.

Valued OVER $5800AUD


Pricing is AUD. 3% payment processing fee additional.




add on $500AUD to your initationl and save


Pricing is AUD. 3% payment processing fee additional.


still not sure?

No worries, click the link below to book a free 30 minute DISCOVERY CALL all and find out for yourself if we’re a good fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as you want it too

All calls will be LIVE. 

There will be a few pre-recorded elements alongside an abundance of guided audio practices for extra support between our LIVE sessions

Each of our fortnightly 1:1 mentoring calls are 60minutes.

Your 3-Day Learn to Meditate Course gives you 3 x 45minutes LIVE classes with me and asks you to give 2 x 20minutes to your ongoing practice daily.

PLUS you have access to guided practices (live + pre-recorded) to do between calls.

Approx. 4 – 6 hours per week as you integrate this work into your daily life and depending on your level of commitment to your growth. 

No, I don’t give refunds. I trust that if you’re feeling a ‘yes’ then this experience is for you and will lovingly hold you accountable as you move beyond your own  limitations and resistance to change

Your decision to explore your body with a Jade Yoni Egg is a personal one. Although it won’t be requirement, I invite you to keep an open mind about exploring potentially strange and wonderfully diverse healing modalities and highly recommend having one. 

A drilled Jade Yoni Egg is included in your investment in The Reclamation and is purchased from the Yoni Pleasure Palace. It will be delivered to you before the beginning of Module 2: Reclaiming Your Sacred Sexuality in discrete packaging. 

If you would like to invest in further crystal sex toys like a crystal wand you can use my affiliate link https://www.yonipleasurepalace.com/?ref=claudiascalisi. Use the code CLAUDIA10 to receive a 10% discount at checkout.

Ps. You will receive a ‘What you Need’ Guide to help you prep for our 12 weeks when you enrol.

Woman! Firstly – I honour your feelings and ask that you do too.

Perhaps what you are feeling is excitement at the potential of creating epic changes in your life?

Maybe the intense feelings you have in your body is the real feeling of power making itself know to you?

If you’re feeling the pull to breathe life new life into your body and feel alive again – then YES – follow that feeling!

If you are recovering from trauma and under the care of specialist medical doctor I highly recommend you remain in close contact with your specialist.

The Reclamation will take you into your subconscious mind where you may re-live traumatic events in your past. We do this so we can face our fears and move beyond them.

Please honour your unique journey.

If you are still experiencing high level triggers and / or taking prescription medication for psychological or anxiety support, I will ask for your doctors written level of approval prior to your commencement along with their contact details so that I can communicate with them about your needs.

However, if you’ve already explored your trauma and you’re feeling ready to explore your body and dive deep into what SHE has to offer up, then this is for you

Fantastic! I am so pleased for you – it means that you are already pro-active in supporting your wellbeing and open to the concepts we will be discussing in The Reclamation.

Please know that the meditation technique you does in no way discount what meditation style you are currently practicing.

I do ask that for the duration of the mediation course that you explore the 1GiantMind technique with our group.

Your 3-Day Learn To Meditate Course is included in your investment and is not able to be removed from the overall exchange.

Yes, I sure do.

Payment plans are offered upon individual case by case basis.

Please contact me directly to discuss your needs at claudiascalisi.coaching@gmail.com