The Power of Pause

A deeply restorative, in-person, mini day retreat shedding light on the Rite of Passage that is peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause.

Imagine preparing for Menopause the way you would for pregnancy and birth, because this is exactly what the change of life is; a woman’s rebirthing into the prime of her life.

Did you know that Menopause is known in some ancient cultures as a woman’s Second Spring where she enters the prime of her life?

When her energy is no longer going into nurturing others or caring for children (if she has any), it can be directed into creating of the second half of her own journey.

By this time in a woman’s life, she’s no longer interested in conforming with societal expectations of her.

Instead she becomes more daring. She wants to explore her potential, she wants to play, discover new things and feel alive, sensual and aroused by life itself!

"Positive ageing, sacred sexuality and how to become your own midlife midwife as you recreate the second half of your life are placed in the centre of our circle."

- Claudia Scalisi

This spacious 3 hour retreat will share lush and potent wisdom that I wish I knew 10 years ago when peri-menopause was trying to make itself known to me… Imagine what a blessing you could give your future self with some extra information and minor lifestyle changes!

As this journey is a sacred Rite of Passage for every woman’s life, it’s time we bring it out from the shadows and start talking about it.

Because woman, you deserve to live in lifelong pleasure! 

I’m here to help you let go of any outdated conditioning that’s making you fear your body.

When: Saturday September 17th, 2:30 – 5:30pm

Where: Vitality Junction, 179 Union St, The Junction NSW

Exchange: Only $108pp

"Did you know that women can start peri-menopause as early as 35?"

- Claudia Scalisi

Below is an outline of what you’ll receive:

Education on the sacred Rites of Passage in a women’s life

Discussion on what peri-menopause and menopause is

Inspiration on daily lifestyle practices that honour your transition and how to best prepare yourself emotional, spiritually, mentally and physically to embrace change

Information on sexuality, libido, sacred self pleasure + the power of orgasm

Shared conversation on cultural conditioning, beauty, ageing and a woman’s value

How to create healthy boundaries and thrive in relationship

Along with:

Welcome and community blessing

Cacao ceremony

Sacred sharing circle

Embodied dance

Breath-work practices

Guided meditation

Restorative yoga

Light refreshments

Sisterhood, kinship and so much more…

Repeat after me "I trust the next chapter of my life because I'm the one writing it"

- Claudia Scalisi


Sister, if this the idea of leaning in to the power of this circle feels good in your body – trust that.

Take your place in this circle just as women throughout the ages have done.

With fierce love for you, Claudia

Claudia specialises in Intimacy Coaching for women who are ready to become more comfortable within their own skin, thrive in nourishing relationships and live with unshakeable inner authority.

With a lifetime of study in embodiment practices including meditation, prayer, yoga and as a WomanSpeak Circle Leader, Claudia combines her deep understanding of energy alignment in support of women gaining clarity in the direction they wish for their lives and increasing their natural confidence to take themselves there.

Claudia is a stand for women taking ownership of their life’s journey, harnessing their creative sexual energy and living in alignment with their authentic values. 

In doing so, women empower themselves with self-actualising wellbeing practices, own the wisdom of their lived experience and bring their hearts mission into fruition with the power of their unique self expression.