The Pleasure Principle is a 6-week adventure into the heart and soul of intentional, embodied living.

This is the program I wish I had when I started my peri-menopausal journey…

The Pleasure Principle is FULL of all the juicy information your mumma didn’t tell you about your body and your journey through womanhood.

This program is deeper than anything else available for midlife women.

Because at it’s core, TPP is a journey in self-reinvention to help you break down AND through your limiting beliefs so you can expand your awareness of not only what’s possible for you, BUT what’s now possible FROM you.

Join Claudia Scalisi, Sexuality and Menopause Mentor for an adventure in living sensually fulfilled and embodied as you journey through womanhood.

All calls are held LIVE via Zoom. Starting 6:30pm AWST Wednesday May 3rd. 

Are you ready for this much growth? Good, ’cause the first thing I want you to do is…

Stop believe the things you tell yourself when you’re possessed by the demons of your inner shit - especially as you age.

Reaching midlife + your menopause transition can feel like a rollercoaster of emotion, mood swings and physical symptoms (I know, I’ve been there!)

Does any of this sound familiar?

You feel tired, wired, strung out and bloated. 

You’ve lost your mojo and just not feeling like yourself. 

You feel guilty for taking time for yourself, out of control and no longer know what your purpose is.

You wish you could be more intimate with your lover but you just don’t feel sexy, sensual or even interested.

You’re struggling with erratic mood swings and irritability.

You’ve been so busy doing life, caring for others and surviving that you have forgotten what makes you happy and what you really want.

You’re tired of being told to take HRT’s or antidepressants for your peri-menopause symptoms but you don’t know where else to turn.

ALL of the above was very true for me.

And honestly… you don’t have to live like that!

Let me tell you a story.

4 years ago my body started to show me signs of perimenopause.

It started with strange pains around my body, then the fatigue and mental fogginess followed by mood swings that I couldn’t control.

After consultations with a hormone specialist I found out that my body was going through early onset menopause.

This is how I also learnt that I’d left it too late to become a mum. I was just 42.

In that moment I came face to face with the reality of my ageing body and what this now meant about my worth in the world.

The weight of my cultural conditioning around a woman’s worth as she aged started falling heavily on me and I came face to face with some of my deepest shadows about from my past.

My yoni literally dried up overnight and I went from feeling sexy, vibrant, attractive and loving to bitter, angry and resentful.

The night sweats raged through me like a wildfire and kept me awake at night.

It was when my hair started to fall out by the handful that I totally lost touch with my identity. 

I could not recognise the woman looking back at me in the mirror.

None of the training I’d had to date prepared me to support my body processing my transition and my fear of it only exasperated my symptoms.

I felt so broken – as if my ageing body had let me down PLUS I was full of grief about dumb decisions I’d made in the past.

I hit rock bottom. 

It was at this point that I chose to surrender trying to hold on to who I was and focus my attention on who I was becoming.

I did this by calming my nervous system through meditation, ritual and forgiveness practices. 

Gentle yoga supported my body release tension and inviting the Sacred into my life I leant in to my studies around the energetic and spiritual meaning about menopause for inspiration.

I evolved my lifestyle to suit the changing needs of my body and introduced new ways of nourishing myself. 

Suddenly, it felt like I’d cracked the code to self-transformation!

My life started to blossom through an incredible journey of self-reinvention. 

3 years later and my life has new purpose and meaning.

My vision and clarity has returned.

My relationship with myself has deepened.

My body is in full receivership of pleasure, joy and unconditional love.

I am calmer, more in control and I can see further into my life’s potential than I had previously believed was possible and continues to ripple through my family with positive impact.

My intimate relationships has been reinvigorated and I feel juicier and hotter and sex is as orgasmic as it is empowering.

I feel capable of manifesting my highest vision into fruition in the second half of my life.

My zest for joy has amplified my confidence and I am in love with rewriting the story of my life moving forward and it’s only expanding from there!

AND I want to help you reinvent yourself too!

Now is the time to tap into your body’s innate intelligence.

Now is the time to reclaim your feminine wisdom and that, my loves, requires you to trust yourself as your first priority.

At midlife, you want to trust yourself completely – even in the face of counter evidence and always choose you.

Because the world doesn’t need more women living on autopilot and disconnected from their bodies ~ our beautiful world needs more women who are LIT UP by life!

The Pleasure Principle is for women who want to take up space, who own their bodies, their humour, their sexuality AND their pleasure.

Women who are willing to break the status quo about ageing, willing to reclaim their softness, their power and take inspired action towards realising their dreams!

Introducing: The Pleasure Principle (aka TPP)

TPP is a 6-week group program into the art and soul of full feminine embodiment. 

You were not born to conform with society’s expectations of you – you were born to become more daring as you age and explore what’s possible for you AND from you!

You were born to play and discover new things and feel alive and aroused by life itself!

TPP is different from anything else available.

Not only does this program give you education about perimenopause and menopause, it invites you to explore ancient lifestyle practices that align you with the energy of the creatrix herself; the Divine Feminine.

Before women were taught to be afraid of their power and of each other, we gathered in circle to share stories, to witness each other and to be witnessed, to laugh and cry and inspire each other.

This is how the female brain learns.

This is also how the female body creates safety for her shame stories, for her pain and worries to be disentangled from the truth of who she really is; a powerful force to be reckoned with.

TPP is a guided journey that introduces you to the energetics of how to prime your nervous system to support your WHOLE integration to be in the drivers seat of an incredible journey into the rest of your life!

You were born to recreate yourself, it’s in your DNA, and honey, your life is your greatest work of creation!

The truth is that every single life transition you’ve survived is RIPE with potent wisdom.

This is the wisdom of your lived experience and it’s capable of transforming you into the dynamic, sensual and magnetic Queen you came here to be.

It starts by you being in full receivership of all that makes you feel good, brings you true joy and unconditional love.

Join the Pleasure Principle if you're ready to...

Inside you will...

What you'll receive


6 x Live (90 minute) group calls with Claudia  


Guided Meditations

Cyclical Living Mapping


4 x pre-recorded yoga classes including;

  1. Hormone Balancing 
  2. Sleep Support
  3. Digestive Support
  4. Rise + Shine 

PLUS a bonus Yoni Egg Yoga session to awaken + restore your connection to your vagina and pelvic floor muscles (giving you access to earth shaking, heart exploding orgasms!)


Access to a private Facebook community to celebrate, share, witness and be witnesses by other incredible women on this journey. An accountability buddy to help you stick with the powerful changes you’re making.


Female pleasure anatomy session + training on how to seduce your wild woman out of hibernation. 

Tips on how to speak with your significant other + invite them to journey with you so they understand the changes you’re going through and what your needs are.

Conscious sex toy education + how to become your own best lover. 

Essential Oil protocols + recipes to support anchoring your transformational process.

Book lists, playlists and surprise content to amplify your journey.


But it get’s better…

Book NOW and receive the Early Bird Price and save $800!

Your Investment is just $699 until June 21st

Price increases to $899 after June 21st and to full fee as of July 5th.


Payment Plan of 2 x $750AUD – simply email Claudia to arrange this.

still not sure?

No worries, click the link below to book a free 30 minute DISCOVERY CALL all and find out for yourself if we’re a good fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wednesday July 19th @ 6:30pm AWST 

All calls will be LIVE. 

The yoga classes will be pre-recorded along with surprise practices for extra support between our LIVE sessions

Each of our weekly group calls are 90minutes.

PLUS you have some homework in between our calls.

Approx. 4 – 5 hours per week as you integrate this work into your daily life and depending on your level of commitment to your growth. 

That’s around 45 minutes a day.

No, I don’t give refunds.

I trust that if you’re feeling a ‘yes’ then this experience is for you and will lovingly hold you accountable as you move beyond your own  limitations and resistance to change

Your decision to explore your body with a Jade Yoni Egg is a personal one.

Although it won’t be requirement, I invite you to keep an open mind about exploring potentially strange and wonderfully diverse healing modalities and highly recommend having one. 

Click HERE if you’d like to treat yourself. 

Ps. You will receive a ‘What you Need’ Guide to help you prep for our 6 weeks together when you enrol.

Sister! Firstly – I honour your feelings and ask that you do too.

Perhaps what you are feeling is excitement at the potential of creating epic changes in your life?

Maybe the intense feelings you have in your body is the real feeling of power making itself know to you?

If you’re feeling the pull to breathe life new life into your body and feel alive again – then YES – follow that feeling!

If you are recovering from trauma and under the care of specialist medical doctor I highly recommend you remain in close contact with your specialist.

The Pleasure Principle may unearth memories from subconscious mind where you could re-live intense feelings and events in your past. We do this so we can face our fears and move beyond them.

Please honour your unique journey.

If you are still experiencing high level triggers and / or taking prescription medication for psychological or anxiety support, I will ask for your doctors written level of approval prior to your commencement along with their contact details so that I can communicate with them about your needs.

However, if you’ve already explored your trauma and you’re feeling ready to explore your body and dive deep into what SHE has to offer up, then this is for you

Yes, I sure do.

Payment plans are offered as written above.

Please contact me directly to discuss your needs at

Yes,  of course we can.

Simply follow this link to book in a complimentary Discovery Call with me.


Marvellous sister, I am holding you in the belief that you are POWERFUL.


You are CAPABLE, RESOURCEFUL and you can live the life of your DREAMS.

That’s the frequency we’re calling in over these 6-weeks.

If you’re ready to change the way you play the game of life and calibrate to a new frequency, enjoy your beautiful body and show up for yourself in ways you’ve been dreaming about…

You know exactly what to do, join us.

With fierce love,