Wellness Products

Plants are probably one of the undisputed sources for natural remedies and used throughout history for their healing properties. Their natural ability to self-regulate, protect themselves from environmental hazards, repel insects that damage their health and attract other insects that will enhance their growth and aid pollination all comes from the intelligence of nature. 
The essential oils omitted from plants comes from like oil sacks on their leaves, skin, barks and roots through careful distillation methods that suit the raw material; Steam Distillation or Cold Pressed Distillation.
Modern medicine has provided those of us fortunate enough to have access to it a longer and better quality of life, what essential oils can offer us is the ability to become in better relationship with ourselves. To better understand the subtle messages from our body that we are in need of more balance before we require synthetic medicine. 

Wellbeing Services

Yoga is a joyous movement modality that has a wide array of health and wellbeing benefits. It reveals our imbalances & highlights how we relate to ourselves when we are learning things.  This insight encourages us to move differently by drawing up energy through softness in our joints & giving ourselves. 

Practicing yoga outdoors continues to inspire even the most novice of yoga practitioners, it’s the blend of natural light, the colours of the landscape and the gentle sounds of the water lapping onto the shore that hold such a tender space for all of us to drop deeply into an exhale and let go.

Meditation; the path that can set you free.  Our sessions involve some deliberate mental process to affect the mind and body into more expanded states of awareness, within the state of an expanded awareness we experience a greater connection to the present moment.  Using techniques that are easy to learn and can be put to practical use, meditation practice allows you to can stay engaged in the present, responsive to each moment instead of being caught in a reactive, involuntary, fear-based state.

Our experienced and passionate teaching team offers an array of journey’s for our tribe to explore including:

  • meditation courses
  • entry level yoga sessions
  • sound healing
  • guided land and water based yoga events

Hosted in superb outdoor locations around Australia our sessions showcase our spectacular Australian sunsets and are a great start or end to your day.

Healing Services

For women who are ready to become more expansive, grounded and comfortable within their own skin, I offer exclusive online and in person group coaching, or 1:1 private holistic lifestyle coaching.

Using feminine embodiment practices and my deep understanding of energy alignment, meditation and yogic principles, I support women to gain clarity and awareness of areas in their life where they are leaking vital life-force. 

Once understood, women can begin to seal any cracks and conserve their energy, heal their relationship with themselves and recover their true hearts mission.

Claudia’s coaching always begins and ends with you! When you establish a deep understanding of yourself, your emotional, physical, spiritual and sexual self, you reclaim your life’s sovereignty. This means complete ownership of your relationship with your life. 

Ownership is not something that is given to you, it is something that we must take for yourself.