Enhance your Sensuality and Recover your Body Confidence.

The way you care for your body as you age has everything to do with slowing down and learning how to indulge in what brings you joy and nourishment.

This is especially important when it comes to your vaginal health.

Because a healthy relationship with sex and your body is part of what makes you whole in body, mind and spirit.

After my sexual awakening, I quickly invested in a Nephrite Jade Yoni Egg and a Rose Quartz Wand, curated my bedroom into the love nest I had always wanted and dove into getting to know how to pleasure myself.

What followed was the deepest healing and reclamation of my body I could ever have dreamed of!

My manifesting mojo went through the roof!

I called in the man of my dreams along with new business opportunities and I became softer, more sensual in ways that I had never thought were safe for me to experience before.

So if you have trouble with peeing, have pain with intercourse, vaginal stinging or itching, loss of sexual interest or feel numb from your waist down – there is something you can do. Read on.

Below is a collection of products I’ve personally used from the Yoni Pleasure Palace and highly recommend for anyone curious about what’s possible for them ‘down there’. 

Chances are, you’re yet to fully discover your own sexual energy and darling, I want you to know what I know!

I want you to know how to create a love nest that relaxes your whole body.

I want you to feel safe being with your feminine energy which is receptive, soft and so very powerful.

This is even more important during your menopausal transition because your entire way of being is open to reinvention at this important milestone.

Giving your intentional and loving touch to your vulva and vagina with your hands or with smooth crystal sex toys can help to naturally increase lubrication and hydrate your tissues with fresh, oxygenated blood which enlivens them and increases their sensitivity.

Incorporating your sexual self care into your daily routine also provides other benefits for self soothing and healing sexual trauma – all pathways of reclaiming your divine feminine and creative self. 

When you’re ready to invest in these stunning conscious sex toys please accept the gift of a 10% savings when ever you use the code CLAUDIALOVE at checkout.

It’ll work every single time you make a purchase.

Nephrite Jade is my stone of choice as it offers a powerful healing for women who are in need of adrenal support. 

Personally I love the rich green of the Nephrite Jade Yoni Egg, I always feel calmer and rejuvenated after using it.

If you’re not sure which size to get, start with medium or invest in a box of 3 different sizes.

A drilled yoni egg with string can be a great aid in the beginning of your practice. 

This is the first sex toy I ever owned – and I’m so pleased because using this conscious crystal wand is aligned with my values of self-healing and awakening my pleasure birthright!

The Rosie Rose Quartz wand is perfect for recovering your sensation after a ‘dry spell’ between lovers.

Use it to slow down your masturbation and infuse the experience with the intention to feel everything. Try gently turning the wand clockwise and then the other way s u p e r slowly and pay attention to every single part of your inner world that is in contact with it.

If you like the sound of working with both a yoni egg and a crystal wand, you may want to check out this kit.

It comes with The Rosie, Rose Quartz Wand, in traditional size or in in the slim, you choose and a medium Nephrite Jade Yoni Egg which is a perfect all-rounder size for most women. 

The kit also comes with Yoni Egg String, made of 100% biodegradable corn floss mildly coated in vegan candelilla wax.

  This Crystal Kit gives you everything you need to create a lush self-love practice. 

Midlife sisters – this is the lube you’ve been wishing for!

The Yinn Oil Based Lube is perfect for vaginas that need some extra nourishment and wetness. 

Made with a blend of natural oils including Sea Buckthorne, which supports optimal mucosal integrity of your vagina, The Yinn Oil Based lube will give you the sensual slipperiness you’ve been wanting!

You can also use the Yinn Oil Lubricant as a vaginal moisturiser in place of your estrogen cream and take pleasure in the arousal of your plumpness during the day!

THIS. Oh my, this intoxicating elixir continues to reignite my passion and relationship with my breasts!

When you’re planning your love making (either solo or partnered) don’t go straight ‘down there’. 

Instead use the Shemana Heart Activation Oil to connect to your heart. Tell your heart your desires, massage your breasts in sensual circular motions, be sure to run your hands along your side-boob and give your nipples a little tweak!

The best thing is that you’ll be activating the limbic part of your brain with its sweet scent, so when ever you smell its aroma your body will responding with the same feelings… delish!

These are just SOME of my faves, I’ll be adding more really soon. 

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Remember – take up the gift of a 10% savings when you use the CLAUDIALOVE at the Yoni Pleasure Palace checkout every single time you make a purchase.

With so much love for you, Claudia x