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Essential Oil Education coupled with handy DIY projects + Yoga and Meditation Practices to support you in your journey. All of the units are optional so you can make your way through what takes your interest first. Enjoy your learning and if you have any specific issues, questions or topics you'd like to know about please don't hesitate to ask. Love, Claudia xx



Taking you through how to use your online account to make orders

UNIT TWO - step 1

How to order

UNIT TWO - step 3

How to redeem points

UNIT TWO - step 5

How to order during BOGO

UNIT TWO - step 2

Loyalty Rewards Program FAQ & Information

UNIT TWO - step 4

How to do a US Warehouse Order


How To Order


Being a dōTERRA member, you now have your own online account where you can login and order what you like when you like. If you are ever unsure or would like more information, please do reach out to the person who helped you open your account and they can support you through this process. If you are not sure who that is, or if you are no longer in contact – comment on this post below and someone will assist you.
To show you how to use your account, we are going to share two quick videos below about the two ways you can use your account to order your dōTERRA products.


You will be more familiar with this option as it is just like logging onto your favourite online shopping store, adding items to your cart, and checking out. With this option you will receive half of your shipping back in product points. For example, you will receive four points for every standard order you process. You can then use these points to cover the points value of any product. [Please note that it has to fully cover the points value, you cannot use a portion of points to cover a product.]
This option is for those who just want to jump in when they need something and order it and for those who do not wish to commit to a monthly order.


The second way of ordering, which is what most people who use and love dōTERRA products choose to do, is opting into our Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP).
This is a monthly ordering program, and we will explain how to set it up in the video below and answer some FAQ’s below.


Do I have to order every month on this program? 
Yes, but the minimum order is simply one product.
Why would I order this way instead of the standard order?
  • Our loyalty rewards program is a great way for you to earn free products.
  • It is also a great way to get your shipping credited back in product points.
  • You are also eligible to receive the free product of the month, which will automatically be shipped with your rewards order if it is over 125 PV.
  • The longer you order through this program the more benefits you receive.
  • You start at 10% of your order back in points and gain 5% for every three months you participate in the program with orders over 50 PV.
  • After 12 months of ordering over 50 PV you receive 30% of your order back in points.
  • To qualify to receive points your order must be over 50 PV. If your order is under 50 PV it just means it will take you an extra month to grow in the percentage scale. You will still get your shipping credited in points even if you order one product.
Will I end up overstocked?
You may be wondering whether you will end up with 100 oils that you don’t need if you participate in this program. This is a common concern however, dōTERRA prides itself on providing more than just oils to its customers. We have a range of non-toxic beauty products, personal hygiene products, cleaning products and everyday wellness products.
The loyalty rewards program is more about switching your spend, rather than spending more. When we say switch we mean there is most likely a product you are purchasing from another place such as the supermarket or your favourite beauty store. Now that you have made a conscious decision to use low tox products in your home, dōTERRA offers a low-tox alternative to most of your regular household products. The added bonus is that you get the option to earn rewards back for the things you would usually be purchasing anyway.
Most months we purchase toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, moisturising cream, deodorant, soap and then stock up on the oils we are running out of. Some people just love to try a new oil every month. The best way to get the most value from your saved-up points is to purchase your personal beauty/bathroom items with your money, and then use your points to redeem free oils. You get the best benefit this way.
We have created a post to cover all of the questions you may have about the loyalty rewards program so head to post 2 in this unit for more information.


Loyalty Rewards Program FAQ & Information

Watch this video to learn how to create and edit a Loyalty Rewards Order:


Get them answered below. We also have some images below going through our top tips for maximizing your LRP program and point redemption and some ordering ideas.
We understand that there are so many benefits to this program. It may be a bit tricky at the start to understand how it all works and we know that you will have some questions. So, we have done our best to answer the most common questions about this incredible rewards program below.

Basics of how the program works:

  • The Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) is a monthly ordering program;
  • All LRP orders get the shipping value credited in points;
  • All LRP orders over 50 PV in total earn Rewards Points (based on your % level);
  • Everyone starts at getting 10% of their orders back in points unless they purchased a Fast Track starter kit;
  • If your order is under 50 PV you will only get your shipping back in points;
  • After 3 months of 50 PV+ orders your percentage increases by 5% – until it hits 30%;
  • Your points will be credited to your account after the 16th of the following month;
  • You can use your accumulated points to redeem most oils and products for free (there are some products you cannot use your points for);
  • When redeeming points, it must cover the PV of the item fully, you cannot use points to partially cover an item;
  • You need to change the products in your LRP cart at least the day before your order is due to ship – or you will receive whatever is currently in your cart;
  • Set a reminder in your phone to recur each month to remind you to change your LRP.

What does PV Mean?

PV Stands for Personal Volume. This is a numeric value assigned to each product (not the $ value). It is used as the qualifier for commissions, rank, and in the case of your rewards order, promotions. Products purchased with points have no PV.

Do I have control of what I order each month?

Yes, you do. You have up until the day before your order is due to ship to login and make any changes. You can save those changes for when it is due to ship or you can choose to ship your order early. If you ship your order early the system will change the date for your next order to your chosen date the next month automatically for you.

Can I cancel at any time?

You sure can. If you feel like the Loyalty Rewards Program isn’t for you contact our customer service team to cancel it for you. Just make sure that you spend all of the points you have accrued first to avoid losing them. Your order is linked to your points and once that is deleted your points may disappear also. Please also note that if you do decide to cancel LRP your percentage resets back to the 10% if you restart it later.

Do I have to order every month in the Loyalty Rewards Program?

Yes, you cannot skip or hold months. The purpose of the program is to reward loyal customers for regular orders. However, there is no minimum order amount, you just need to at least to order one product per month.

Is there a fee to participate in this program?

No, there are no additional fees, just perks!

Why does it have to process on a certain date?

This is to make it easier for you to know when your wellness boxes are being shipped. You can always change this date if you need to and you can also go into your LRP cart and click ship now if you need your products earlier. The system will automatically change the date of your next order to that date in the next month. (E.g. Your order always processes on the 15th. If you click ship now on the 10th, the system will change your next order date to the 10th of the next month).

How do I find out what the free product of the month is?

Because our website currently runs on US time, we usually find out the product of the month after 7pm (Melbourne time) on the 1st of the month. This will also be announced in our team group as soon as we know.

What is the minimum I have to order to earn points?

The minimum order to earn points is 50 PV. This is the requirement to increase your percentage back also. If your order is under 50 PV, you will still receive your shipping back in points and maintain your current points level.

How do I get the free product of the month?

If you place your LRP order of at least 125 PV on or before the 15th of the month the free product will automatically be added to your order confirmation and in your wellness box. Any orders after the 15th are not eligible for the free product of the month, however may be eligible for other promotions, based on the rules of that promotion.

It says an order over 100PV can earn commission – but I don’t want to do the business.

That is totally fine. As our business builders use the same system to order and manage their business, that notification is there to ensure that they don’t miss out on commissions. If you are a wellness customer, you cannot earn commissions unless you upgrade your account.
This is also helpful if you hold an oil gathering because you can then be eligible to get part or all of your next order FREE if your friends want to start their own wholesale account! So, you can reach out to us if you would like to gather some people together to learn more about using oils for a particular topic.
We love that with dōTERRA you will never be pressured to start the business.

When do my points show up in my account?

Once your LRP has been active for 60 days your points will show up on the 16th of the month after your first 60 days. Don’t worry if you don’t see them before then or straight after you place an order.
After this time, your points will just show up after the 16th of the next month following your order. It is also worth noting that at this time there is no access to your points breakdown on our system. We are hoping this will be a feature of the new upgrade. If you would like to see where your points were accrued from please contact member services.

I don’t think I will need something each month…

dōTERRA prides itself on being a wellness company first and foremost, even though they are recognised for their essential oils. They have made it their mission to provide families around the world with affordable, non-toxic options to most household products.
Our best selling product is actually our Lifelong Vitality Pack [supplements] because people have had so many positive results from using these natural vitamins.
Have you looked at replacing your toxic household items with low-tox or no-tox products? You can check out the Natural Cleaning Path in the ‘Pick your Path’ post which may help you identify some products you may wish to swap. We have supplements, cleaning concentrate, hand soap, shampoo & conditioner, toothpaste and skincare that are high quality and low-tox and much better for your health than standard supermarket options.
It’s all about switching your spend, not spending more. So if you swap the products that you usually buy from the supermarket and pharmacy and add them to your LRP order, not only are you earning more rewards points for these products, but you will save money in the long run and your body will thank you.

How long do I have to use my points?

Your points will expire if not used within 12 months. This should never happen as you will be redeeming freebies left, right and centre!

When you redeem your points, does it affect the PV of your current order?

Yes it does, as it effectively cancels the PV and the cost for that product. So just make sure you check the total PV of your order before processing to ensure it is the amount that you expected and also you also don’t miss out on the FREE product of the month, commission or other promos.

How do I redeem my points?

There is a video linked in the next post that shows you how! Please note, if you are redeeming your points, you cannot save that order to process at a later date, it has to be processed straight away.
To cover handling, there is a $3.00 flat fee when redeeming your points.

Can I do LRP orders from the US Warehouse?

Yes you can, you just need to click the button to switch warehouses.
There are a few things to note however:
  • You will need to set up an LRP template for that warehouse, so you will have 2 templates set up.
  • Once your order is processed, you can go back into that LRP template and delete it.
  • You will need to change the date on your Australian LRP Template to the next month if you only wish to do a US order for the month as they are not connected.
  • The conditions are the same so you will qualify for the US promotions, instead of the Australian ones.
  • You can only get one free product of the month. So if you place an AUS order before the US order and it’s over 125 PV, you will not receive the US free product (and vice versa).
Not sure how to order from the US warehouse? Check out post number 3 in this unit for a quick video tutorial.

Do I need to be using massive amounts of oil to make this valuable for me?

Nope! Over 65% of ALL of our customers globally, purchase at least one or more oils every one to three months.
Most of us are living a more holistic life and are using the oils and supplements every day. They replace most items in your first aid box, provide everyday health support, natural perfume, mood management, hormone support, sleep, skin, and immune system support.
This is just a great program to be rewarded for swapping out other toxic and harmful skincare, cleaning and personal care items and replacing them with safer products from dōTERRA.
So the value for money is actually higher than if you were shopping in a health food store or even in a supermarket as you are getting 10-30% of your purchases back in free products [Not 0.5% back like Flybuys or sometimes less with credit card rewards]!

Need help?

If you’re not even sure where to start it is a good time to reach out to the person who helped you open your account to have a chat about what support you’re looking for and what items may fit into your daily regimen. Otherwise check out the images below where we have put together some ideas in different price ranges to assist you.


How To Redeem Points

When you are in your shopping cart any oil/product eligible to be redeemed for points will have a dropdown box. If you do not have any dropdown boxes at all it means that you do not have enough total points to redeem against any products in your cart at this point.
There are also a small number of products that you cannot redeem points on such as diffusers and new products to the market. This is due to dōTERRA keeping the costs of the products down to make them more affordable and offset this by not offering it to be redeemed for points. Usually after 3-6 months new products will be available to be redeemed for points.
You can see the screenshots below to assist you in redeeming points, or you can watch this short video.
We have also added some information on the best oils to redeem for points to make the most of your rewards points!
Watch this video to learn how to redeem your LRP points for free products:


How To Do A US Warehouse Order

Watch this video to learn how to place an order from our US Warehouse:
If you have an account from Australia or NZ you can also order direct from our US Warehouse.
This is particularly useful for when new products are launched, and not yet available in our market. Most years new products are launched in September in the US, and then we usually see some of those products launched in Australia & NZ in the following May or June (depending on when our convention is held).
The US warehouse also offers a range of wellness products and supplements not yet available to the Australian Market. Check out the image below of the US specific items.
Please note that the prices as shown in the US warehouse are in USD so you will need to ensure that you are happy with the conversion to your currency and also note that some banks charge fees for international transactions.
Please also note that as the postage is heavily subsidised by dōTERRA, so you will not receive your shipping back in points, like you would with an Aus/NZ LRP Order. You can however redeem your points on most products from the US, apart from diffusers and the newer items.
When ordering a diffuser from the US, it will come with a US power plug. A regular travel adaptor is fine to use to plug it in. Grab one at a supermarket if you do not have one.
You may also note that some of the blends have different names in the US, please see the image below to help you identify the same blends in the US. This is mostly due to trademarking, the recipe of the blend is still the same.


How to order during BOGO

Every few months dōTERRA has an online “buy one get one free” event known as BOGO. It is an amazing time to stock up on the oils you love and also try out some new ones all whilst saving a tonne of money.
Ordering during BOGO is no different to how you would usually order, however, we will share some of our top tips below to help you maximise the offerings.
  1. With each offer you only need to add the ‘buy one’ oil to your cart. The free oils will automatically show up in your cart as you go to the final stage of processing your order.

  2. When ordering the BOGO free offer ensure that your order is placed before the expiry of that offer. It may just be a daily offer, or maybe an offer available for a couple of days. If your order isn’t placed before the offer expires you will miss out on that offer.

  3. Each BOGO promotion does have their differences so be sure to check out the offers as we advertise them throughout the promotional period as they may differ from the last BOGO.

  4. If you already utilise our Loyalty Rewards Program we recommend setting up a second LRP template purely for the BOGO promotion period. This is so you don’t need to worry about removing items from your current template that you may need next month.

  5. When setting up your second template just have the ship date as the week after BOGO promotion ends so that it doesn’t automatically ship during that time.

  6. Once the BOGO period is over delete the second template.

  7. Using the LRP program to purchase your BOGOs also means you can receive your shipping back in points for each order plus earn points on any order over 50 PV! So, you are getting free oils PLUS earning points back! #winning

  8. Some BOGOs sell out super fast so to avoid disappointment try to order as soon as you can after the announcement.

  9. You cannot use your points to purchase the ‘buy one’ oil, otherwise the FREE oil will not be added to your order.

  10. You cannot save a BOGO offer to ship at a later date. The order must be processed before the expiry of the offer, so you need to click ship now.
See the video below if you are not sure how to set up a second template or delete it once the BOGO has ended.

UNIT THREE - oil usage

We love that essential oils are pure natural plant products. However, even though they are natural, they are potent and can be misused.


Click the title below to view and download the relevant document

Product Guide

Gives you all the scientific information about the products.

Aromatic Use of Essential Oils

Smelling a potent aroma can uplift us, bring back pleasant memories, warn us of danger, help us relax, and so much more.

Topical Use of Essential Oils

Topical application of essential oils is one of the fastest, simplest ways to experience the benefits of essential oils for the body.

Internal Use of Essential Oils

Internal essential oil use offers some exclusive benefits for the body that aromatic and topical use simply cannot accomplish.

Google Drive for E-Books & Recipes

Internal essential oil use offers some exclusive benefits for the body that aromatic and topical use simply cannot accomplish.