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Essential Oil Education coupled with handy DIY projects + Yoga and Meditation Practices to support you in your journey. All of the units are optional so you can make your way through what takes your interest first. Enjoy your learning and if you have any specific issues, questions or topics you'd like to know about please don't hesitate to ask. Love, Claudia xx



Taking you through what you’re entitled to with your dōTERRA account, in order for you to maximise your benefits.
Thank you so much for empowering yourself with these natural solutions and trusting us to support you on this journey

UNIT ONE - step 1

Your dōTERRA account

UNIT ONE - step 3

Shared resources

UNIT ONE - step 5

Accessories & resources

UNIT ONE - step 7

Member services

UNIT ONE - step 2

How to use your oils

UNIT ONE - step 4

Pick your path

UNIT ONE - step 6

Understanding which oils to use


You just got your oils – Start Here


Hello, and welcome to our oil education community. We are so grateful to have you join our community and for you to have made the next step in empowering yourself with natural solutions.
Now, you may be thinking, ‘I just bought a starter kit of nice smelly things…why all of the information in this group?’. We know you probably thought that you were purchasing another product, however you will find that you have purchased more than just a pack of essential oils. You have actually just purchased yourself a membership that comes with a community full of support and education.
So, we are going to take you through what you’re entitled to with your dōTERRA account, in order for you to maximise your benefits.


You get 24/7 access to an online ordering system where you receive your discounted prices as part of your membership. You can jump on and order anytime and your orders are shipped directly to you.
To view a list of all of the products available to you, you can check out the product guide here:
You will see some dōTERRA acronyms flying around this group and our website too, so here is a list to help you navigate these:-
  • PV: Personal Volume. This is a numeric value assigned to each product (note, it is not the $ value). It is used as the qualifier for commissions, rank and promotions. Products redeemed with points have no PV.
  • LRP: Loyalty Rewards Program. This program provides free product credits for qualifying monthly purchases ordered on the program. When you participate you will earn product credits (points) that can be used similar to cash to purchase dōTERRA products.
  • POM: Product of the Month. The Product of the Month is a special monthly promotion (FREE product) automatically added to LRP orders of at least 125 PV when processed before the 15th of the month.
  • CPTG: Certified Pure Tested Grade: Not all essential oil companies choose to enforce high testing standards for their oils. In fact, many companies skip important steps in the testing process in order to save money or time. Unfortunately, when proper testing measures are not taken, it is impossible to ensure that an essential oil is truly “pure.” To ensure that each bottle of essential oil is pure and free from contaminants or synthetic fillers dōTERRA created the CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade® protocol. The CPTG process includes a rigorous examination of every batch of oil, along with third-party testing to guarantee transparency.
NOTE: In unit 2, we cover how to login and order.


You have access to your member discount for 12 months from the date on which you place your first order. After this 12 months, when you place an order it will add a renewal fee of $25 to your cart. You will not be automatically renewed, the fee only generates upon ordering after your 12 months have expired. dōTERRA offsets this renewal fee for you by popping a free peppermint in with that order to thank you for your continued loyalty.


This group is for you and our dōTERRA community. Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have, so you can get the best use out of your oils. It is great to ask these questions in the community group because you will get a response from people who have used the oils for years to support their wellness. By asking your questions in the group, it allows the community to share what has worked best for them. It truly is a great way to lean on and support each other but to also learn together.
Just so you know we are not medical professionals, and we do not pretend to be either. We just share the information that has been documented to help you learn how to do your own research, so you can find what will work best for you and your family. So wherever possible, please try and refrain from asking for medical advice and if in doubt please always head to your trusted medical professional.
For example when asking a question in the group avoid – ‘can someone tell me what oil to use for ‘this medical condition’’, and ask a question more along the lines of, ‘I have this ‘condition/ailment…’ has anyone used oils to support them in this area?’. That way people can share their testimonials, rather than be seen as ‘prescribing’ an oil.
Where to go to ask questions
Whilst it is great to ask questions within this oily community, educating yourself and doing your own research is always going to be in your best interest.
This is so you can understand your own body and mind better, experiment with your oils and see what works best for you. This will also help you get more confident in using your oils to support your family‘s health and wellness on a regular basis.
Here is a list of some of our favourite resources that are scientifically-based.
  • Modern Essentials Book & App
  • Essential Life Book & App
  • Advanced Oil Magic Book
Links to these resources can be found in Post 5 of this Unit. (Essential Oil Accessories & Resources).
How to find things in the group
Last but not least, this group has lots of information to support you with using your account and oils. This includes videos on how to use the website, where we love to buy our accessories from to support your oil usage, educational classes and much more. If you are looking for something in particular, use the search bar in the group to search for keywords, or search the topic tabs to find relevant posts. If nothing pops up, feel free to post your question in the main feed.
Whoever introduced you to this group will tag you in the first few posts, so that you can spend a little bit of time looking at key information before your oils arrive and you connect again with your enroller to have your welcome consult.


How to Use your Oils

In this step, we will share a few videos showing you different ways that you can use your oils when they arrive. For more detailed oil safety information see the ‘Oil Safety’ Post in Unit 3.
There are three ways in which you can use essential oils, however it is really important to know that each oil is different, so please always read the label for information as to its suggested usage.


Please watch this video below in relation to how to use your diffuser and how aromatic usage works. (Video content uploaded soon).
Click here to download an e-book in relation to aromatic Usage


Watch this quick video on all of the benefits of topical usage together with all of the safety information. (Video content uploaded soon).
Now you may be wondering why we are sharing safety information for natural products. Just like anything, natural or not, you need to be aware that there are also some safe and unsafe ways to use them. Essential oils are natural, however they are also concentrated and very potent. We are usually only using one or two drops diluted with a carrier oil whenever we use them on our skin.
We will share in the video some of the information about how to use your essential oils safely and effectively. If you would like to save it to your phone, we have included an image that has the main safety information that you can refer to as needed.
Click here to download an e-book on how to use your oils topically 


This information only refers to dōTERRA essential oils because of their distinct purity. Please do not use any of this information when using other brands of essential oils.
Watch this quick video to learn how to use your essential oils in a veggie capsule, in your drinks, and in your cooking. (Video content uploaded soon).
Most of dōTERRA’s oils are generally regarded as safe for food flavouring and internal usage. In Australia, you will notice the information referring to using essential oils for a food flavouring only. This is a current requirement from the Therapeutic Goods Administration, and dōTERRA is in the process of having its essential oils registered with the TGA.
So, for those of you that are from the US or Canada, you will notice the information refers to internal usage for its health benefits. Both mean exactly the same thing, it is just a different requirement based on the laws in each country.

Among the single oils dōTERRA offers currently, 37 are safe for internal use. Using the oils for internal purposes means that you go beyond putting them on your skin to ingest them for their specific benefits to various organs or cells. There are several ways to take oils internally; you can cook with the oils, take them in beverages, or put them in a veggie capsule to swallow.

Using oils internally is a method that is best used only when you have a specific area of concern that can only be met by ingesting the essential oil. Keep in mind that you only need a drop or two at a time to reap the benefits of the oil. For example, supporting healthy digestion is a benefit that comes from ingesting Ginger.

Please take note of the warm/hot oils and ensure that you are not taking too many drops internally at any given time.
Please download the Internal Use e-book that will give you all the scientific information. 
We will also show you in the video, below some of the different ways that you may wish to use your oils internally.
One warning that we also give our customers is to not take essential oil advice from Pinterest. Some of the recipes shared can use excessive amount of oils, which really isn’t necessary. It is great to get ideas for blends that you can diffuse, but please ensure to follow dōTERRA’s recommended daily usage guidelines below.
So, we shared above, the three ways that you can use your essential oils.
In Step 5 we share some of our favourite places to purchase essential oil accessories to make up roller bottles, sprays, your own DIY beauty products and where you can purchase some of the carrier oils and other ingredients you may need for these.


Shared Resources

We have created a Google Drive which is full of information, education, e-books, recipes and information about our monthly promotions.
This is so you can save the link to the Drive on your phone and have access to the information and education that you need at the tip of your fingers.
Please note that this link is not to be shared on social media or to friends and family as this is purely an educational hub for those in our oil community.


Pick Your Path

You likely decided to start using essential oils and natural products to support you in a specific area of your life. We understand that it can be a little overwhelming when you first start using oils, mainly about what to use, when to use it and where to go next.
If you haven’t already, take our quick two-minute survey and we will get you an individually tailored, 90-day wellness plan to help support you use your oils in the areas of your life that you need most. The link to this survey will be in your welcome email from the person you started your account with or their Mentor.
The beauty about these three-month wellness plans is they will help you identify where you can incorporate these products into your daily routine. The best thing about essential oils is you only need a small amount to be effective, but the real secret is that consistency is key.
Once you have finished your 90-day plan and you’ve got those habits set in place, there may be a few areas in your life that you may want to tackle next or further support. To help you visualise this we have created our ‘pick your path’ program where you can pick which area you would like to improve in your life next and it will give you affordable options to add them to your monthly order. If you’re not yet ordering monthly that’s fine!
However, if you would like to receive points back on your orders so you can claim free oils, check out our loyalty rewards program post in the ‘How to Order’ unit to learn more about this incredible free oil program. It is free and you have full control at all times to order what you want when you want!
To make it easy for you we have created images of each path you may want to take so that you can easily screenshot it to your phone and add these items to your orders over the next six months. You may notice that some of these orders are under the 50 PV mark; this is because a lot of dōTERRA customers add consumable items to their orders such as toothpaste, cleaner concentrate, skin care or hair care. Just remember 50 PV is the magic mark to start earning points back in our rewards program in addition to the 8 shipping points for each order. For those months where you would like to place a larger order, we also have some helpful suggestions below.
If you already have a few of these oils, you can swap any of these out if you need to. We just love to help new members by taking the guesswork out of ordering products for specific health and wellness areas of their life.


Accessories & Resources to Support Your Oil Usage

If you haven’t already noticed there are so many ways to use your essential oils. Much of the time you may see us using beautiful glass spray bottles, roller bottles and jars to make our own DIY items.
We have already done all of the testing of products and vetting of prices, so to save you the time we have popped a list of our favourite suppliers below. Feel free to let us know of any new ones that you come across in your travels that isn’t listed below.
Some of the suppliers also stock natural ingredients for some of your favourite DIY recipes such as carrier oils, natural cleaning products, natural butters etc.
Just remember if you are making a skin care product to check out our post on ‘safety and essential oils’ in particular when using citrus oils on your skin products as they are photosensitive.


Once you get your essential oils and have a little play around with them you will soon find that there are amazing ways you can utilise them in your home for more than just pretty smells. You can make your own cleaning products, beauty products, room sprays, roller bottle blends and more.
We also highly recommend purchasing an oil educational resource so that you can be confident in your oil usage for you and your family’s health. These resources help you research the science of essential oils and oil usage to support specific ailments.
If you have come back to this post after using your oils for a while and would like to delve deeper into the emotional, mindset or spiritual side of the oils, check out the advanced oil use resources below.


1. The Modern Essentials Book
2. Modern Essentials App [Get it here]
3. The Essential Life Book
4. The Essential Life App [ Get it here}
5. Emotions and Essential Oils








Understanding Which Oils To Use

This is a common question for everyone, not just newbies – so don’t feel silly, or lost!
dōTERRA sources so many amazing essential oils so we understand how it can be a little overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you to know how best to pick an oil for a specific ailment.
How do you make a decision on which oil would be best suited to you…?
1. Step one – The first step is to grab your resources! Whether that is a book or an app [we have shared our favourite books and apps in the ‘Accessories & Oil Resources’ post]. Search up your ailment or area of concern. Usually the first oils listed are the most effective but there is often between 5-10 oils if not more for some ailments.
2. Step two – with the top oils for that ailment, research each of those to see what further support those oils can give to you. The reason for this is because there may be one oil that has specific properties [e.g. Vetiver is mainly calming. Copaiba is also but can be used in more areas of your life]. Check out each one and see what other areas of your life you would like to be supported in, so you know where you can use this oil elsewhere in your home.
3. Step three – once you have done this – it might be a great idea to also ask the question in this oil community. Other people’s testimonials may help you finalise your decision on which oil would best support you in this area and can support you in other areas too.
4. Step four – Then the best way to add oils to your wish list is to add them to your loyalty rewards cart throughout the month. When it’s getting closer to your order date you can take stock about which oils are higher on the priority list and keep them on your order and add the others you need in future to your wish list.
If you prefer to use your phone to keep track of things, it’s a really great idea to keep a running wish list in the notes app on your phone so that the oil that you take out of your cart it isn’t such a priority now gets added to this list so that when you’re changing your rewards cart next month you know what was next on your wish list to pop into your cart.
When using any product to support your health and wellness – consistency is key. We recommend that you add any protocol to your daily routine. If you are not quite sure where to start see a sample daily routine below. We have also included a routine printable to make it easier for you if you work better with things written down.
If you find it hard to make healthy habits stick, you can incorporate a simple practice called habit stacking. This is where you add a new habit onto a current habit so it doesn’t feel like you are changing your life too much and it makes it more manageable. For instance, if you make coffee or tea every morning consider leaving your supplements or an oil you would like to use in the morning next to your kettle or with your cups. This will help you get into the habit of remembering to take your supplements or using that oil when making your morning drink, therefore turning into a habit


Member Services Contact Information

Our member services team is fantastic to deal with. You can contact them most days by phone, or via an online chat system through your account.
Our customer service team will support you with any ordering issues you have, any questions about your account and you can also put through an order over the phone if you are having issues online.
If for some reason there has been an error with, or you need to return your order, you need to contact customer service to have that issue rectified, as we don’t have access to your account. If you find that you have made an error on your order contact our customer service team as soon as possible and they will assist you in rectifying that error.
**Member Services**
**For all order enquiries, commissions questions and general support.**
Monday 12:00pm – 6:00pm (AEST)
Tuesday-Friday 6:00am – 6:00pm (AEST)
Saturday 6:00am – 2:00pm (AEST)
**Phone: (02) 8015 5080
Email: [](**
**Please note:** online chat will be available during our member services opening times. If there are any errors with your order, call or chat with member services ASAP as email may not be the fastest way to get a resolution.
**Australia Head Office**
dōTERRA Australia
271 Wellington Road
Mulgrave, VIC 3170
Monday-Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm (AEST)

UNIT TWO - how to order

Being a dōTERRA member, you now have your own online account where you can login and order what you like when you like.


Click the title below to view and download the relevant document

Product Guide

Gives you all the scientific information about the products.

Aromatic Use of Essential Oils

Smelling a potent aroma can uplift us, bring back pleasant memories, warn us of danger, help us relax, and so much more.

Topical Use of Essential Oils

Topical application of essential oils is one of the fastest, simplest ways to experience the benefits of essential oils for the body.

Internal Use of Essential Oils

Internal essential oil use offers some exclusive benefits for the body that aromatic and topical use simply cannot accomplish.

Google Drive for E-Books & Recipes

Internal essential oil use offers some exclusive benefits for the body that aromatic and topical use simply cannot accomplish.