Reclaim your emotional landscape and nourish your body, mind and soul.

Online Self-Study Program

You’ve still got dreams of the life you thought you’d have by now

that keep popping up to the surface and for a little while you get inspired by them again but quickly return to the reality in front of you.

You know you are capable of helping everyone else in your life to fulfill their goals yet when it comes to caring for your own dreams, you simply feel too drained to do anything about them, let alone know what they even are anymore. 

So you settle for what you already have, stuff those ideas back down and try to convince yourself that what your heart is aching to do is just too hard, unheard of and unattainable by someone like you…

You hear your inner voice ask… ‘”Who are you to have what you want?’”

Or maybe you’re trying too hard to get it ALL done and you’re so busy feeling nothing short of a little hamster running really fast on a wheel that is not going anywhere. This type of energy usually accompanies feelings of burnout, fatigue and a drop in self-confidence as all around you is a bunch of uncompleted projects that only further reinforces your lack of self-belief.

Often you’ll remember the days when you felt ‘better’ and in an attempt to reignite your old self, you’ll seek out activities that used to make you feel strong.

Except only now you’ve realised those very things now make you feel more frazzled, ungrounded and add to your already stretched self-confidence!

You realise you literally don’t know how to ‘feel’ relaxed anymore as you’ve become stuck in your defensive nervous system preparing for fight or flight.

This is a really scary place for a woman to be.

Left unchecked, these heightened internalised stresses can easily become a pattern of behaviour creating a self-perpetuating negative spiral of self-betrayal and damage to our most important relationships. 

You know, in most cases, you are your own worst enemy. 

Lady, this identity that you’ve created of yourself is only a blueprint of where you’ve been and if that’s all you’ve all you’ve ever known then you’ll sabotage any attempt you make at trying to change. 

But when you approach yourself with awareness, with tenderness and sincere curiosity, you can rewrite the story of your life and create a road map to your future.

This is where things get super charged…

Eenergetic alignment happens and we move from grating against change to feeling more in flow, ease and grace.

who is this for?

Whether you’re a single career woman working full time and juggling multiple priorities, or a busy mum keeping her family together, an empty nester feeling lackluster and wanting to reignite your spark, this 4-week journey of self-exploration is a must!


If you are ready to explore something to save your relationships and rescue yourself from out of control emotions and take ownership of how you feel, live with more presence, experience more pleasure and feel connected to your life – Pause for Potency is for you!

This 4-week self-paced program will help you begin to dream a bigger life for yourself. In these 4 Steps, which I’ve called The Rites of Passage, you’ll receive the guidance you need to recover all the fragmented pieces that have been disempowering you for bringing your best.

why do this?

You, my sweet sister, deserve way more than what you’re currently allowing yourself to feel and the only way to the other side, to where you want to be, is to go through it.

You must start paying attention to the call of your heart, the whispers of your spirit and allow yourself to feel what wants to come up so you can see the wisdom you’ve acquired and give yourself a FULL BODY YES!  I’ve lived this, I’ve tried and tested it all and it works.

Pause for Potency is the beginning of the most incredible relationship, the one between who you’re destined to become and who you are now.  You are carving out time for YOU now and you’re beginning to honour all that you are. 


With this easy to follow 4 step process you’ll also receive;

>> Pre-recorded video content landing in your inbox every week that you can either watch or listen to whether you’re walking or driving.

>> Suggested Essential Oil education and recipes for application and support

>> Support worksheets to guide your journey

>> Bonus unit included


With this guidance you’ll start to feel what it’s like to create a lifestyle that will support you in reclaiming more of your own power back to you.

your outcomes

Some of the benefits of a daily meditation practice may include:

Step 1

Self-Care Contract

Give yourself the best chance for creating real change by declaring it to yourself.

Learn how the power of creative visualisation, intention setting and how to create powerful anchors for the energy you are calling in to become your reality.

This powerful vision statement of your goals will support you when you trip up and fall into old habits – which will happen. The best thing about falling over though is learning how to get back up.

Step 2

Sacred Spaces

Learn the art of space clearing. Here you’ll create a sacred space for you to be with your journal and your intentions. This will become your personal altar where you’ll infuse you’ll practice being with your magic 

The process here is arming with you the power to create something for you where you can become still, and listen to your inner wisdom speak to you.

Step 3


Informed with where you want to be in your life, you’ll be empowered to keenly observe areas in your life that are either energetically supporting your vision or sabotaging your success at implementing change.

With this wisdom you’ll more easily create your vision in accessible bite size delicious morsels that will build your confidence and inspire you for more.

Step 4

Sacred Self-Care

Learn recipes for easy to make cleansing rituals that support your energy body, your heart and the largest organ of your body, your skin.

Combined with words of power you’ll be loving carving out a new way of self-expression and care every time you come back to these practices

Bonus Step 5

Embodiment Practices

Woven through the Rites of Passage are informed body movement practices + meditations to support you in your becoming. 

With your commitment to your expansion, these practices will create spaciousness inside your temple and ground you into your creative expression.