Would you believe me if

I told you that your menopause transition can be something to actually look forward to?

If there was a way to move from feeling depleted, stressed, wired and tired to feeling vitalised, calm, playful, focussed and deeply relaxed,

would you take the opportunity with both hands?

Most women fear menopause

and with the massive transformation that occurs at this time of a woman’s life, it’s understandable why.

Hot flushes | Night sweats | Sleepless nights | Grief over loss of fertility | Grief for loss of your youth | Changes in cognitive function | Drop in self confidence | Fatigue | Weight gain | Loss of libido | Painful sex | Relationship troubles… 

It is an incredibly intense time of great change that demands your fullest attention in between a busy lifestyle and competing priorities.

But darling, you are definitely NOT too old to reinvigorate your life and confidently create the next version of you.

You, my love, is your life’s greatest work. 

Imagine the symptoms of your menopause transition as being RIPE with information about what your body needs to flourish and potent wisdom that connects you to your highest and best self.

Wisdom that is  just waiting to transform you into the sensual, soulful and magnetic Queen who is living her legacy and being an agent of empowered softness and dynamic change in the world.

Imagine using all of the resources available for you at this time

while connecting with your SOUL and allowing the transformation to infuse and inform how you show up in the world.

Imagine intimately learning the language of your body and using your menopause transition as a shapeshifting Rite of Passage capable of gifting you with powerful insight, clarity and vision.

What would life be like for you with that much trust in yourself?

I bet you’ve noticed how society has conditioned you to believe that your value is in your youthfulness.

You’ve seen how women seem to become invisible as they age.

You want more for yourself but you can’t see past your current limitations and feel numb, stuck inside your life.

You’ve put the needs of others and your work before your own for so long that you don’t even know what you like or what your body needs to feel sensual again.

You’re sure as hell that your current reality is NOT how your story will end.

Women just like you and me have been made to believe that women of our age / culture  / experience should look and behave a certain way.

But, Darling…

You know within your bones there is more juice within your Spirit and it hasn’t finished expressing itself yet!

You are here because you do not want to live in the shadows or go through life on autopilot.

You are here because you want to reconnect to the depth of feeling within your wild heart.

You are here because you want to feel excited by your purpose again and share the wisdom you’ve gained to make bold contributions to life.

You are here because you’re ready to be NOURISHED and feel in love with your life again!

Deep within, you know that you are a reservoir of powerful healing. 

You know there is nothing ‘wrong’ with you taking your time and feeling your way to your next best step. 

You are ready to let go of feeling shame for saying no to others and guilt for taking care of your needs first. 

Every fiber of your body is yearning to be seen, to be touched,  to experience sensation and to fully express itself.

Your menopause transition IS the point of entry to your deepest healing and self recovery.

Because consciously experiencing your menopause transition is the key to your power and the gateway to your self liberation.

Beautiful sister, the time is now.

To shake off the outdated versions of yourself.

To shake off the social conditioning that’s kept women like you fearful of themselves and owning their power.

It’s time to fully express yourself and unapologetically worship the Divine feminine energy pulsing through you.

It’s time to tap into the restorative current of creative sexual energy available within you and intentionally use it to shape a life your future self will be proud of.

It’s time to awaken and wholly embody the Queen you are here to be.

Introducing: Nourished

Nourished is a 12-week initiation for soulful, midlife women to remember the art of self-transformation through the Rite of Passage that is menopause.

You were born to create, and honey, your life is your greatest work of art!

Imagine knowing intimately what gave you pleasure and having the body confidence to ask for what you want with your lover, how would that ignite your sex life?

Or feeling completely turned on by your life that you magnetize new opportunities, people and experiences towards you…

What would it feel like for you if you gave yourself permission to trust yourself, trust your intuition and have the confidence to follow through on the guidance you receive? 

Imagine living your life from the inside out, feeling healthy, wealthy and juicy as you age!

What would it mean for your family, for your children or your community to witness you breaking through generational patterns and limiting beliefs, asserting healthy boundaries and boldly speaking up about what’s important to you?

Nourished is different from anything else available.

With its attention focussed on empowering midlife women in the ancient practices of rich, restorative self care that rejuvenate your body, mind and soul – including your pussy. 

Not only does Nourished teach you how to recall the pieces of your power you’ve given away – it guides you through potent techniques that create deep emotional and psychological safety and connect you with your senses, your emotions AND your pleasure.

This full spectrum approach to self healing ensures you have the body wisdom to continue this important work long after the experience together has closed.

This initiation is for you if you're ready to...

Woman – please remember this is not a course.

This is a deeply restorative and potent initiation for you to dive into your reservoir of potential and shake yourself free for the rest of your life!

You’ll introduce yourself to all aspects of your body, from there you’ll reacquaint yourself with all aspects of your life and decide from THAT place of anchored embodiment what is worthy of journeying with you into your future.

This is about you claiming your ability to feel, to own your pleasure, move in the world with your inmost authority and AWAKEN your fullest potential.

The Journey





Imagine that this is the moment where your whole life turns around.

Remember this is not a course you sit in on and forget the lessons once the experience is closed – my darling sister, your value in this world is far too important for that!

You will gain insightful, life transforming tools that will support you walking in the world with your crown placed firmly upon your head as a sovereign Queen – whole and complete unto herself.

Nourished gives you:

Nourished also offers:

VIP Option

  • All of the Essential Oils covered in the 12-week journey. 
  • Activated crystal chips + carrier oil to amplify potions.


An abundance of resources including meditations, prompts, playlists & more.

Some very special surprises along the way!



Join Nourished

Pricing is AUD. 3% payment processing fee additional.

Valued OVER $6000AUD


Pricing is AUD. 3% payment processing fee additional.

This is a rich, intimate, life-shifting mentorship, and the investment reflects this.

Note: Only 3 places available each month.




add $700AUD to you investment and save another $300


Pricing is AUD. 3% payment processing fee additional.


still not sure?

No worries, click the link below to book a free 30 minute DISCOVERY CALL all and find out for yourself if we’re a good fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as you want it too

All calls will be LIVE. 

There are pre-recorded elements alongside an abundance of guided audio practices for extra support between our LIVE sessions

Each of our weekly 1:1 mentoring calls are 60minutes.

Your 3-Day Learn to Meditate Course gives you 3 x 45minutes LIVE classes with me and asks you to give 2 x 20minutes to your ongoing practice daily.

PLUS you have access to guided practices (live + pre-recorded) to do between calls.

Approx. 4 – 7 hours per week as you integrate this work into your daily life and depending on your level of commitment to your growth. 

No, I don’t give refunds. I trust that if you’re feeling a ‘yes’ then this experience is for you and will lovingly hold you accountable as you move beyond your own  limitations and resistance to change

Your decision to explore your body with a Jade Yoni Egg is a personal one. Although it won’t be requirement, I invite you to keep an open mind about exploring potentially strange and wonderfully diverse healing modalities and highly recommend having one. 

A drilled Jade Yoni Egg is included in your investment in Nourished and is purchased from the Yoni Pleasure Palace. It will be delivered to you before the beginning of Module 2: Reclaiming Your Sacred Sexuality in discrete packaging. 

Please Note. In some cases I may recommend a different product to support the healing of your pelvic floor and your sexuality. This will be assessed on an individual basis during our Discovery Call.

If you would like to invest in further crystal sex toys like a crystal wand you can use my affiliate link https://www.yonipleasurepalace.com/?ref=claudiascalisi. Use the code CLAUDIALOVE to receive a 10% discount every time you make a purchase.

Ps. You will receive a ‘What you Need’ Guide to help you prep for our 12 weeks when you enrol.

Woman! Firstly – I honour your feelings and ask that you do too.

Perhaps what you are feeling is excitement at the potential of creating epic changes in your life?

Maybe the intense feelings you have in your body is the real feeling of power making itself known to you?

If you’re feeling the pull to breathe new life into your body and re-inspire yourself at midlife  – then YES – follow that feeling!

If you are recovering from trauma and under the care of specialist medical doctor I highly recommend you remain in close contact with your specialist.

Nourished is designed to support you bringing the light of your own awareness into your subconscious mind where you may re-live traumatic events in your past. We do this so we can face our fears and move beyond them.

Please honour your unique journey.

If you are still experiencing high level triggers and / or taking prescription medication for psychological or anxiety support, I will ask for your doctors written level of approval prior to your commencement along with their contact details so that I can communicate with them about your needs.

However, if you’ve already explored your trauma and you’re feeling ready to explore your body and dive deep into what SHE has to offer up, then this is for you

Fantastic! I am so pleased for you – it means that you are already pro-active in supporting your wellbeing and open to the concepts we will be discussing in Nourished.

Please know that the meditation technique you does in no way discount what meditation style you are currently practicing.

I do ask that for the duration of the mediation course that you explore the 1GiantMind technique with me.

Your 3-Day Learn To Meditate Course is included in your investment and is not able to be removed from the overall exchange.

Yes, I sure do.

I offer 6 x $500AUD / every 2 weeks.

Please contact me directly to discuss your needs at claudiascalisi.coaching@gmail.com