Manifesting Mojo

A FREE 3 day initiation to harness your creative sexual energy & activate your personal magnetism.

Your creative sexual energy is the pulse of your personal magnetism.

Yet, the vast majority of women are completely unaware that they have the power to harness their sexual energy energy and use it for manifesting.

This energy pulls towards you all that you are aligned with: success, health, money, playfulness, love – everything that you want to live your best life yet.

Because when we tap into this vast amount of wisdom in our bodies and access its energy, we tap into the same pulse that creates the universe.

"A woman deeply connected to herself, her sacred sex energy and her creativity is a powerful force in our world"

- Claudia Scalisi

Most women are completely unaware of their bodies and operate in their day to day activities stuck in repetitive patterns within their head. 

They miss out on partnering with their own wisdom and as such, over exert themselves, give too much, receive too little and try too hard looking for validation outside of themselves.

It’s an exhausting cycle that needs to be reconciled because you deserve SO MUCH MORE!

If you’re challenged with seeing past your current limitations and want to feel more alive, energised, passionate, sensual and confident in your body then this initiation is for you!

If you are ready to shed layers of social conditioning about what a ‘good woman’ is supposed to look like, dress like, act like and shatter the glass ceiling on how much joy and intimacy you receive, this initiation is for you!

In this 3 day initiation you will:

"You were born to create and your life IS your greatest piece of art."

- Claudia Scalisi

Your ability to intentionally feel for what your heart’s true desire is and consciously call it towards you is how you will change the course of your life moving forward.

If you’re ready to unleash your voice, expand your magnetism and live deeply embodied in your joy and self-leadership, I would LOVE to have you join us!

Manifesting Mojo starts December Monday 13th – Wednesday 15th with a live training delivered at 7pm AEST over the three days. The recording will be available in our private Facebook group. 

Claudia specialises in Intimacy Coaching for women who are ready to become more comfortable within their own skin, thrive in nourishing relationships and live with unshakeable inner authority.

With a lifetime of study in embodiment practices including meditation, prayer, yoga and as a WomanSpeak Circle Leader, Claudia combines her deep understanding of energy alignment in support of women gaining clarity in the direction they wish for their lives and increasing their natural confidence to take themselves there.

Claudia is a stand for women taking ownership of their life’s journey, harnessing their creative sexual energy and living in alignment with their authentic values. 

In doing so, women empower themselves with self-actualising wellbeing practices, own the wisdom of their lived experience and bring their hearts mission into fruition with the power of their unique self expression.