Learn to Meditate

3-Day Course

Are you ready for more mental clarity, physical
relaxation and emotional freedom?

You're invited to join in our 3-Day Learn to Meditate Course and experience an easy to learn technique that shows you how to minimise stress and operate at optimal levels.

This course is also designed to help you develop the confidence you need to start a daily personal meditation practice, a skill highly recommended to everyone choosing to reclaim their personal power and learn how to become the change they wish to see in their world.


In the 3 days you will learn:

Claudia is an open-hearted and intuitive healer + a certified meditation and yoga teacher who has been supporting her wellbeing with dedicated daily self-care practices.
She skilfully guides her students into a deeper understanding of themselves and teaches from personal experience in overcoming self-limiting beliefs to live with greater creativity, passion and purposeful living.

No prior experience is necessary to participate, this course is suitable for beginners to advanced meditators and is a technique considered to be a foundational practice that complements other meditation practices.

Did you know that anyone can meditate? Yes, even YOU!

This meditation technique is simple, effortless and helps us to meet life’s demands with focus, clarity and ultimately live with more joy and peace.

Some of the benefits of a daily meditation practice may include:

These 3-Day Learn to Meditate Courses are taught online, live and limited to 6 people in each course to ensure you have individual attention and guidance.  Individuals, couples, and teams are welcome.  The course is taught on Zoom over 3-consecutive days (approx. 90 mins each day) and we’ll be accommodating various time zones across Australia.

Upon completion you will be invited to join a closed online circle for a shared monthly mediation with a collective of practicing meditators from around the world. In this private group you can have your questions answered and gain some extra insights about your meditation practice.



Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

Usually valued at $299

Current Special Price of $280

Pricing is AUD.

Gift yourself a skill that will last you a lifetime.

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upcoming dates

Thursday 7th from 6pm (AEST) // Session 1
Friday 8th from 6pm (AEST) // Session 2
Saturday 9th from 4pm (AEST) // Session 3


* This course is delivered over 3-consecutive days.

Drawing on a lifetime of study in embodiment practices, including sacred self-care, essential oils, yoga, meditation and prayer, Claudia combines these practices with her deep understanding of energy alignment to support women gaining clarity and awareness of their vital life-force. 

Once understood, women can begin to recover and conserve their energy, heal their relationships and live their true hearts mission. 

This is the real essence of Claudia’s work; to empower women to develop emotional wellbeing and nurture her own cellular intelligence.

Throughout her career as a yoga teacher, mentor and guide, Claudia recognised that when we fail to pay attention to the subtle needs of our body, no amount of external searching can help create the inner peace and contentment we crave. 

She now translates this sensitivity to support women to reclaim ownership of their body, their lives and recover their sense of purpose in the world. 

Her coaching aims to empower, enrich and strengthen your relationship with yourself first so you can recreate your life with clarity, confidence and flow.

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