How To Order

The best way to order your oils.

If you want to get started with essential oils, you’ve come to the right place. The steps below will show you how to buy dōTERRA oils at wholesale prices.

Purchase what you want, when you want. 

There is no forced auto-ship, no minimum monthly orders and no need to on sell – unless you want to take full advantage of the benefits available with your membership which is totally optional.

When you place an order and create your own wholesale account with me, you get also access to all my essential oil how-to eBooks, online yoga and meditation classes using essential oils, access to our supportive Facebook group and a password to our Members Only section on our website. You even get a one-on-one with me to show you the best ways to use your new oils and help with creating a 90-Day plan to help you reach your wellness goals. That’s an incredible line up of value for your membership isn’t it!

Just follow the steps below to start your order or watch my video if you prefer personal instructions from myself.

# 1

To begin click HERE and follow the next steps

# 1

Click ‘Join and Save’

# 1

Choose the country and language that’s appropriate for you

# 1

 Click ‘Local’

# 1

If you would like to use the oils for personal use only at this stage opt for ‘Wholesale Customer’.

(However, if you think you may be interested in sharing the oils with others as part of my business opportunity, opt for the ‘Wellness Advocate’ option as you will then have the opportunity to receive financial benefits. If you’re unsure don’t worry, just stick with creating a Wholesale Customer account and we can talk more about options for you during your Membership Overview).

# 1

Enter your personal information – remembering to change Region and Time Zone

# 1

At *Enroller id*, enter my number: 3676158

# 1

Click verify (it should then show you our names, Claudia and Matt)

# 1

Set yourself up with a password

# 1

Click over to the next page

# 1

You will get your membership for free when you get started with a Starter Kit. If that sounds appealing to you then simply select which Kit you’d like to get first. Or if you would like a custom order please choose the $35 introductory packet and then add items you would like to your cart.

# 1

Enter your Credit Card details and process your order.


All your questions are answered in the FAQs below. You can also reach out to me HERE and I’ll help you get what you need at the most cost-effective option and walk you through it all personally.


Is there a membership fee?

You have two options to purchase; one is with a membership fee and the other doesn’t.

  1. Get started with your membership for only $35.

Your membership will give you 25% off the whole range of dōTERRA products for 12 months. When your membership renewal comes around it’s only $25 AND you receive a free bottle of Peppermint essential oil too! Choose any oils you’d like from the product guide eBook or price list (be sure to look at the bolded out wholesale prices), as well as the ‘$35 Introductory Welcome Packet’ as this the membership pack and shipping fees of around $8.

  1. The most user-friendly and cost-effective way to get started is to invest in an Enrolment Kit.

Let me tell you that you save LOTS by starting with an Enrolment Kit, plus your $35 membership fee will be waived too! This is the most value for money in getting started. See some of my recommended enrolment kits below.

Do I have to purchase an enrolment kit?

No, not at all. You may purchase however many individual oils or products you’d like. However, you do save LOTS by purchasing an enrolment kit, and your $35 membership fee will be waived. 

What enrolment kits do you recommend?

This will depend on your budget and most importantly on your needs.

Moderate Budget >

I wish I had started with a Nature Solutions Kit as I would’ve got what I needed to completely revolutionise my lifestyle and home in one shop and save a lot of money with what you get inside the Nature Solutions Kit. It’s really that good.

As it was, I spent nearly double that amount getting what I wanted within the first few months of joining dōTERRA.

If you can I’d recommend starting with a Nature Solutions Kit.

Tight budget >

If you are money conscious or have limited funds at the moment,  the Home Essentials Kit is still phenomenal value.

You’ll get 10 of the most versatile oils, a bottle of Fractionated Coconut Oil AND a Petal diffuser.

What are the starter kit options?

Nature Solutions Starter Kit

Retail: $845.00 AUD
Wholesale: $635.00 AUD


Essential Oils:

10 mL bottles:

15mL bottles:

5 mL bottles:

Pack also contains:

Emotional Wellness Starter Kit

Retail: $301.00 AUD
Wholesale: $226.00 AUD

Note: Citrus Bliss® Invigorating Blend 15 mL is temporarily replaced by doTERRA Cheer® Uplifting Blend 5mL in this kit due to product availability.

I’m not from Australia. How do I order?

If you are based outside Australia, the same ordering process applies – but your price list and enrolment kits will differ. 

Please find your correct pricing below. 

If your country is not listed, reach out and I can help you.

European Enrolment Kits

European Price List

UK Enrolment Kits

UK Price List

New Zealand Enrolment Kits

New Zealand Price List

USA Enrolment Kits

USA Price List

Canada Enrolment Kits

Canada Price List

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