A 2hr Seasonal Online Yoga Workshop

to support you grounding intense emotions and nurturing the nurturer in YOU

who is this for?

For the busy woman who is tired of juggling multiple priorities and wants to be taken care of.

I got you sister.

This lush 2 hour workshop is divided into six sections so you can take what you need when you need it, be it a good stretch, a calming meditation, a balancing breathing exercise or an aromatic anchor to support your affirmations.

Claim this embodiment wisdom for only $15AUD!


Repeat after me, My inner wisdom is guiding me now

This pre-recorded and juicy workshop is just over 2 hours of goodness for your body, mind and spirit. 

But don’t worry if you don’t have a full 2 hours to yourself!

I’ve given you the times of each section so you can jump to what your body needs – when she needs it!

You get a complete tutorial and immersion to keep for only $25AUD!

Ground Your Booty Autumn Yoga gives you 6 access points so you can immerse in the whole experience or choose your own adventure!

  1. Introduction into creating sacred spaces, emotional wellbeing and self recovery

2. A tutorial in how to create your own yoga props 

3. A led self-anointing ritual with Essential Oil 

4. Receive a guided Grounding Meditation

5. Experience a Restorative Yoga Practice

6. Guided Breath Work

Repeat after me, It is safe for me to let go and allow Divine love to work through me now

The energy of Autumn invites us to surrender our efforts and retreat deeper within ourselves in preparation for the cooler months ahead. You only need to look at nature to see how plant and animal life are in harmony with the circadian rhythms life is governed by.

Yet along our path, we’ve given our power to heal ourselves away and placed our trust in an outdated system.

But the truth is, your body has intelligence that knows what it needs to recover it’s wellbeing. You just need to practice letting go of trying to fit into a lifestyle that you’ve grown out of.

Which is why this delicious, seasonally inspired workshop has been crafted. To support you align with the natural drawing inwards of energy that Autumn is making available and create the space to really care for your own wellbeing.

May you be well.