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You’ve landed on this page for a reason.

Whether you’re looking for natural alternatives for hormonal support and balance your energy naturally, increase your vitality, find ways to swap out chemical ridden products from your home that disrupt the way your body and brain receive messages, improve your health and well-being or support your moods and emotions.

Or, you may be looking for ways to create an ethical side-hustle that lets you work from home.

Regardless of the purpose, I bet you are wondering ONE thing…

Why dōTERRA?

My decision to align with dōTERRA and their essential oils came after I had my first experience with them. I knew at that moment, within the intelligence of my cells that something incredible was in my hands.

I’d been reading about the quality of different essential oils from different companies and found out that not only did dōTERRA create a graded quality of essential oils in an industry that was previously unregulated called Certified Pure Tested Grade (CPTG), they also had a huge philanthropic side to their business.

At the time I owned a yoga school and teaching was my full-time job. I was looking to have high-quality products alongside the yoga experiences to offer my students and I also wanted to ensure that the company I partnered with had a strong moral compass.

It still amazes that when you become clear about what you’d like in your life, the Universe will always deliver. dōTERRA is an amazing company to work with and produce such a high-quality product that gives back into the world in more ways than I could possibly do on my own.

Let me share with you the ways in which this conscious global organization gives back into the world.

Sustainable Sourcing

dōTERRA source each oil from where they grow either indigenously or in the natural climate that suits the plants the best.

Over ¾ of the oils they source come from disadvantaged regions in the world where the only trade the people in that area have is caring for the land and the plants that produce essential oils which has usually been handed down from generations past. 

Through their Cō-Impact Sourcing initiative, doterra seeks to develop long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships with the local, smaller farmers and harvesters and ensure they’re treated ethically while creating sustainable jobs and providing reliable income in these underdeveloped areas.

High Standards & Rigorous Testing

Essential Oils have always been in my life in one way or another and I’ve paid good money for my oils however the label always warned about topical or internal use.

Usually, those oils were only 1ml pure essential oil and 10ml multipurpose liquid comprising of synthetic fragrances or fillers. 

The purity of an essential oil is important to me which is why I love dōTERRA products, they are free from synthetics fragrances, perfumes or pesticides. dōTERRA’s products just 100% pure essential oil and they are completely transparent about their rigorous testing which end users can research through the Source to You website.

Philanthropic Efforts

dōTERRA have created the Healing Hands Foundation which is committed to partnering with organisations that improve lives by offering hope to millions around the world.

The enormity of help the Healing Hands Foundation gives the world’s most vulnerable is almost too big to describe myself.  Their initiatives include;

One of their initiatives is in partnering with Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R) which is a privately funded organisation existing to rescue children from sex trafficking around the world. In one key project, dōTERRA donated 1.5 million dollars to fight child sex trafficking in Thailand.

The generosity of dōTERRA is amazing and I feel incredibly honoured and grateful to be aligned with them and the work that they do.

Their Business Model + Compensation Plan

There are five different ways you can earn with dōTERRA when you start a business with them

dōTERRA have an amazing compensation plan that equals the level of support and community that you become part of.

15 Ways Essential Oils Can Change Your Life

150 Uses for Essential Oils

Learn how anything is possible with the right essential oil

Essential Oils come from the roots, bark, stems, fruits, flowers and leaves of plants and sourced from a Global Botanical Network of growers and farmers around the world.

Some plants, like the orange tree, can produce different types of essential oils all with their own unique and distinct chemical profile like Wild Orange, Bergamot and Petitgrain, pretty amazing isn’t it that one tree can produce such different essential oils.

The plants make the essential oils to support themselves in thriving and use the oils they make to warn off plant eating insects while attracting pollinating ones, protect themselves from the harsh rays of the sun and the bitterness of winter, some of the plants use their intricate root system to hold the soil in which they grow in together and their oils attract supportive creatures to live in the soil keeping it healthy for them. 

Awe inspiring isnt it?

Essential Oils have been used for thousands of years and they do more than make your house smell nice. Did you know you can use them in the same way as the plants do and protect and nourish your skin by making a powerful skin serum and smoothen your laugh lines? What about supporting yourself during times of stress with their earthy aromas, or tend to your emotions with the stunning and delicate florals or even make a natural window cleaner?

Incredible right, I know! Whether you want to improve your health, balance your hormones, increase your energy, sleep better, create a toxin-free home or even make delicious health treats, there’s an essential oil for that.

Some of the the inspiring benefits essential oils can have in your life

Stress release: help your body and mind to release tension and reduce anxiety

Sleep Support: calms your nervous system for a deeper sleep and sweeter dreams

Physical Support: energize your exercise routine, deepen your yoga or meditation practices or release muscular aches + pains 

Hormonal Support: soften the effects of hormonal fluctuations, help your find balance and calm your mind during the emotional + physical symptoms of your cycle

Emotional + Mood Support: helps to balance your emotions and feel vibrant in your body

Deepen your intimacy: use your essential oils to help get yourself in the mood for love or give your partner (or yourself) relaxing massages and create a safe space for intimacy 

Create a toxin-free home: create effective + non-harmful cleaning products for your home that are safe for your family + the environment

Vamp up your Skincare: support rejuvenating your skin cells to smooth lines, lighten pigmentation and decrease the effects of scar tissues, strengthen your nails + hair, polish your skin and self-care like a goddess 

Mindset Shift: naturally level up your focus, concentration and energy levels 

Flavour Bomb your Cooking: use essential oils to create healthy and delicious meals + treats for yourself and your loved ones

Healthy Changes

Deciding to make healthy changes is the first step, following through can often be overwhelming and confusing – especially when you don’t know where to start or have the right support.

I want you to know that your personal goals are important, and I want to provide you with all the information you need to empower yourself to get started using essential oils to support you on your journey.

By joining the Precious Oils Tribe, you’ve got life-time access to a supportive and passionate community of like-hearted people who are all walking this path in natural wellness and like you, want to bring their best selves to everything they do. Know that within our members groups you can turn to your community of essential oil lovers for advice and assistance.

Below are some answers to the top questions I’ve been asked when people have been thinking about using essential oils for their health and wellbeing.

Ready to place an order?

If you want to get started with essential oils, you’ve come to the right place. 

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What can essential oils do for me?

You’re not alone if you thought that essential oils were just nice smelly things that you used to make your home smell lovely, I did too, until I was introduced to dōTERRA and the incredible therapeutic benefits of their essential oils. With more than 150 uses for the top 10 most popular oils, this is just the start of all that essential oils can offer you.

Click HERE to get your free eBook “150 Uses for Essential Oils”

Do you offer samples?

Is there a loyalty program?

Yes! Once you are a doTERRA Wellness Advocate or Wholesale Customer, you have access to the amazing Loyalty Rewards Program. This program is totally optional, but there are so many benefits available to you that I highly recommend it! I use it myself and I’ve not only had every single shipping fee returned to me, I’ve also been able to invest in some of dōTERRA’s higher priced items using the free product points I’ve earnt along with receiving and additional free oil every month!

The Loyalty Rewards Program allows you to:

– Receive 25% discount off retail prices for the entire product range
– Receive 10-30% back in free product credits
– Further discounts on popular products
– Eligible for the free Product of the Month (PoM)
– Earn product credits for shipping costs

If you are interested in the LRP and don’t know where to start, please email me and I’d be happy to help.

What’s the Precious Oils Tribe?

When you enrol with me or a fellow wellness advocate from our team, you are not only supported by your enroller, but you access the incredible support of our entire Precious Oils Tribe. 

Even though we all have different lifestyles and goals, we all share a common goal of embracing a happy and healthy life. Once you begin your journey with us, you’ll also access our amazing support systems and resources to ensure you get the most value from your oils:

You receive:

– The Precious Oils Community Essential Oils Guide
– 25% off all product with the opportunity to get up to an additional 30% back in product points through our amazing free oils program
– Access to monthly member only promotions
– A personalised consultation to introduce you to your oils, develop a 90-Day Wellness Plan to help you achieve your goal and assist you in getting the most value out of your membership
– Access to our private members group and password protected resource centre online
– Your own online account to manage orders and direct shipping
– Resources to get you started with your oil journey, including online essential oils classes + incredible lifestyle practices including yoga + meditations with essential oils to support your selfcare, recipes and tips so you know exactly how to use these oils to benefit your health and wellness
– A 3-month Beginner’s email series program with weekly emails
– Optional participation in our Oil Camps to learn more

Why dōterra essential oils?

dōTERRA is passionate about sourcing and using only the purest essential oils available while making a difference in the lives of those most vulnerable around the world.

Whenever I’m asked why I chose doTERRA, the first thing I do is hand over one of my oils to sample, the quality of their products really speaks for itself. To be really honest though – it’s the culture of dōTERRA that excites me as much as the high quality they are known for.

In an industry that was previously unregistered, dōTERRA created a grading system for their essential oils and are completely transparent with their testing results, you will find the acronym CPTG – meaning Certified Pure Tested Grade on every dōTERRA essential oil bottle.

You can also trace the batch testing of all their single oils on the Source to You website. The testing is done by the Aromatic Plant Research Centre (APRC) – the global leader in testing essential oils for medicinal quality.

On the Source to You website you can also read about the sourcing stories and the countries in which the raw product is sourced.  dōTERRA essential oils are not only the purest available, but they are sourced ethically and sustainably – you can view more on our Co-Impact Sourcing HERE 

Additionally, through their co-impact sourcing model and charity, the Healing Hands Foundation, doTERRA is determined to make a positive difference by supporting farming communities (many in underdeveloped countries) around the world.

They aid by ensuring the farmers and growers are paid correctly, providing opportunities for micro-credit lending so the communities can become self-sufficient and assisting them to improve their living conditions, schooling and healthcare.

With such a high-quality standard in essential oils, business ethics, corporate consciousness, you won’t ever want to use the synthetic version available from chemists or health food stores. And you’re not alone; 7 out of 10 people who begin using the oils continue to keep ordering each month. Evidence of how amazing these oils are!

15 Ways Essential Oils Can Change Your Life

150 Uses for Essential Oils