Gain powerful and integrated clarity in your life and focus your attention on recreating the woman you know you were destined to become.

Claudia is an International Best Selling Author and Public Speaker specialising in

supporting women who are ready to live with greater joy, thrive in nourishing relationships and experience heightened levels of pleasure.

With a lifetime of study in embodiment practices, Claudia embodies the essence of feminine centred self-leadership.

In support of already empowered women like you to reclaim that last piece of your puzzle you need to live a life you adore, Claudia combines her deep understanding of energy alignment to help you recognise and surrender social conditioning that has kept you playing small.

She is a stand for women learning how to reconcile with their past, dream bigger and take ownership of their lives to live with unabashed creative self-expression.

This is the real essence of Claudia’s work; to empower you in developing deep emotional wellbeing, nurture your body’s unique intelligence and use the power of your voice to create epic change in your world.

How It Works

Claudia’s coaching always begins and ends with you!

When you establish a deep understanding of yourself, your emotional, physical, spiritual and sexual self, you reclaim your life’s sovereignty.

This means complete ownership of your relationship with your life – especially with your ageing process. 

Ownership is not something that is given to you, it is something that you must take for yourself. 

When you take ownership of your life, you consciously move from being a victim of what’s happened to you and step into the powerful energy of a creator; fully present, capable and confident in yourself.

It means learning how to forgive and accept yourself and your past and give yourself full permission to recreate a life of your own design.

Claudia walks her talk. She represents how the feminine energies of humility and grace can re-empower a woman to consciously let go of limiting beliefs and out dated ideals to live her highest vision for herself.
Newcastle, NSW

Claudia’s coaching techniques are derived from her own life experience and her training in meditation, hatha yoga, sacred self-care practices, intuitive healing, plant-based energy, relationships and sexuality.

Some of the benefits a typical 1:1 Intimacy Coaching session with Claudia may include:

Choose from 2 Intimacy Coaching Packages available to support you on your journey.

1:1 Intimacy Coaching Session

Pricing is AUD. 3% payment processing fee additional.

This is perfect for you to gain clarity on a specific area of your life, expand your perspective of what’s possible for you and better understand how to align with your goal.


Some of the techniques you can expect Claudia to use in her sessions include:

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Pricing is AUD. 3% payment processing fee additional.

Package 2

Pricing is AUD. 3% payment processing fee additional.

3 x Intimacy Coaching Sessions

This plan is perfect for the woman who needs some extra support in her life to move her in the direction of her dreams.

Everyone needs a support team to help us see our own blind spots, especially when we’re moving beyond our comfort zone and bucking the status quo in our lives.

With these 3 value rich calls you give yourself the added momentum you need to create epic change and call in your higher calibre life.


The benefits opting for my 3 x Coaching Call package include:

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Pricing is AUD. 3% payment processing fee additional.

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