About Claudia


About 7 years ago I was practicing yoga on a volcano surrounded by the pristine blue Mediterranean ocean in Santorini, Greece.
It was an intensely hot day. Our yoga teacher, Shiva Rae was taking us through a yoga practice dedicated in honour of the energy of the fire element and its ability to transform matter.
The earth was raw - there was ancient volcanic rock beneath me, midday sun glaring down on us and an expansive open blue sky above with the glistening ocean completing surrounding us.
At that time I had been a high-functioning alpha female, people pleaser who’d been looking for love in all the wrong places.
I’d been living with undiagnosed depression, anxiety and grief for years and was simply drowning in my emotional rollercoaster of highs, lows, shame and guilt. I’d taken the extra yoga teacher training because I needed something to help me break free.
During this month-long yoga teacher training I'd broken down in tears multiple times. I just seemed to be drowning in my own relenting deep sadness.
During this particular yoga class, my teacher came to assist me. I was exploring my body in a deep back-bending yoga posture that felt as vulnerable to be in as it did liberating.
Shiva skilfully brought me into the depth of my range while saying ‘bring the water to the fire’… My body completely opened.
Oxygen filled the expanse of lungs and swelled the space around my heart. When she released me, my exhale was a sweet, long and generous relief that seemed to carry with it all of the emotional pain I’d stored in the depth of my being.
It took me a few moments to realise what her words meant and what had just happened to my emotional state.
Those words entered my nervous system where to this day they still ignite a passion within me.
Fire is alchemy and used to turn base metals into gold. The colour Gold is spiritually associated with higher wisdom, understanding and enlightenment.
It is said to inspire knowledge, spirituality and a deep understanding of the self and the soul.
When a woman can turn her pain into her power, she no longer hides her brilliance. She moves in the world in complete ownership of herself, trusting in her emotional intelligence 
Just like you, I’d been seeking  ways to change, to evolve, to shed old skin.
I learnt how to integrate my life’s experiences, free myself from living in the shadow of my true hearts desires create a life of my own design.
This is how I help women like you develop unshakeable inner authority and thrive in nourishing relationships.
I am a stand for women empower themselves with self-actualising wellbeing practices, owning the wisdom of their lived experience and bringing their true life’s into fruition with the power of their unique self expression.

"A woman deeply connected to herself, her sacred sex energy and her creativity is a powerful force in our world" - Claudia Scalisi